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Going through the Winter Season with Energy Kinetic System 2000

The Winter season is near and it has been always considered the highlight of the year. It is cold, and most people are at home. A lot of good stuff also comes with it as there are a lot of activities that we can do. We can play with the snow, do some winter sports, or just stay home, sit back and enjoy some hot tea. Others go on vacation and spend quality time with their loved ones. A lot of good memories usually are made during this season.

The Winter season, despite the fun and festivities, also can be very challenging. Most people are experiencing very cold weather and others even experience snowstorms. Health issues arise too because of the temperature and the air quality. Because of this, we invest in different equipment for us to be safe and sound during the winter.

One way to keep us safe and warm during winter is a good heating system and a good supply of hot water. As a company that strives for quality and for the satisfaction of its customers, we made sure that we have the best Heating system that can make you warm and comfortable not only during Winter but all throughout the year. We believe that Energy Kinetic System 2000 is the best heating system in the United States combining heating and hot water in one. It incorporates the world’s smartest boiler control and eliminates the flaws and inefficiencies found in conventional boilers. It outperforms all boilers in its class maximizing heating, hot water, and overall system efficiency.

Comparing Energy Kinetic System 2000 to other boilers, it stood out in all aspects. Below are some of those aspects

  • Provides Heat and Hot Water – heating and hot water for high demands and multiple showers
  • Sound Level – Whisper quiet operation with included silent burner cover
  • Proven 30-year design – Lifetime Limited Warranty with specially formulated steel pressure vessel
  • Efficiency – Cut up to 40% or more off typical boiler fuel bills when compared to competing models with similar ratings
  • Industry Standard Parts – Easily serviced with standard stock parts, onboard diagnostics, and automated bypass functions
  • Highest Efficiency hot water and flow – Enjoy nearly endless long hot showers
  • Ease of Cleaning and Service – Full access, hinged swing down the door with no cast-iron pins to foul and waste energy

Having the advantages mentioned above, we are definitely sure that you will have the comfort you deserve all throughout the year. And as a part of our goal to make our customer’s satisfied, we provide a financing solution that would be very beneficial to everyone. To know more about it, you can give us a call at (860) 623-3308 or visit our website at https://www.taylorenergyct.com/ and our sales team will be very happy to assist you.

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