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Taylor Energy ensures home comforts for each household. We do so by using technology, proper service, support, and education. Our mission is rooted in energy conservation paired with achieving the final goal of zero net carbon to protect our planet. We install and perform maintenance on heating, cooling, hot-water and propane systems. We offer emergency and scheduled energy-system repairs. Whether in the aftermath of a powerful storm or all throughout the year, Taylor Energy is northern CT’s energy resource. Our company also understands the value of energy to our customers. We offer our services at an affordable price, payable through a variety of financing options. We remain competitive without sacrificing quality.


Why We Do It

We believe that at the heart of a great community is a comfortable place to call home. Through diverse, comprehensive heating and cooling services, we establish meaningful relationships with local families and businesses. One of our primary energy products is Bioheat+. Taylor Energy’s goal is to become zero net carbon. Unlike traditional fuel, Bioheat+ comes from diverse sources such as American soybean farms or local restaurant’s unwanted used cooking oils. Using Bioheat+ decreases particulates emitted into the air with a simple switch. Customers do not even have to change their heating systems. The heart of Taylor Energy is its people. Our employees believe that quality customer service builds integrity and community. We stay dedicated to our customers in any weather.

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