Diesel Delivery Service in Vernon, Enfield, Glastonbury, and Other Northern CT Towns

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Your business can count on Taylor Energy!

When it comes to taking care of the diesel fuel needs of your Northern Connecticut business, you should have someone right in the area who understands your business. That diesel fuel supplier is Taylor Energy!

Unlike the big national fuel companies that don’t know the difference between Suffield and Enfield, Taylor Energy is a locally owned business that has been serving companies like yours with responsive, customized diesel fuel delivery and service for years.

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The Taylor Energy difference

We understand that every business has different diesel fuel requirements, even if they operate in the same industry. At Taylor Energy, our experts have the knowledge and experience to help you understand how best to tailor your deliveries of diesel fuel so that you’ll have a reliable supply without wasting money by buying too much.

Our commercial fuel experts will assess your company and discuss how you use diesel as well as any unique needs you may have, like seasonal demand for your services. With this information, we’ll create a personalized schedule for delivering diesel fuel to you.

We want to do everything we can to make your life easy, so our delivery schedules are also flexible. If your needs change suddenly —for example, if you take on a new project, add vehicles to your fleet or expand your service territory — we can adjust and make sure you have enough diesel for your new situation immediately.

Taylor Energy doesn’t provide our diesel fuels services only to businesses. We also serve school districts, municipalities, and any other institution that uses diesel fuels — for school buses, snowplows, fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, trucks and equipment for road repairs, commercial mowers and equipment for maintenance of parks and public spaces, transit buses, shuttle buses, paratransit buses and more.

Our delivery drivers are all skilled and experienced, and are thoroughly trained in the safe handling and delivery of diesel fuels to your business.

On-road diesel

Taylor Energy keeps many kinds of vehicle fleets on the road here in Northern Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

Our on-road diesel services are for waste haulers, moving companies, shuttle services, courier and delivery-service companies, snow-removal businesses, construction companies, paving businesses and more.

Off-road diesel

Diesel isn’t just for the commercial vehicles and trucks you pass on I-91 or I-384 on your way home from work.

A lot of Taylor Energy’s commercial diesel customers use diesel fuels in off-the-road ways as well. These get off-road diesel. There is no chemical difference between on-road and off-road diesel. But off-road diesel, since it is not used in transportation, is not subject to the excise tax. It is dyed red, just like heating oil, to distinguish it from the taxed on-road diesel.

Off-road diesel powers equipment like backhoes, bulldozers, generators and tractors. Our off-road diesel customers include:

Get reliable on-road and off-road diesel delivery service from Taylor Energy! Contact our commercial fuels professionals today.