Furnace Installation, Maintenance And Service

Trust Taylor Energy To Keep Your Home Warm All Winter Long!

Furnaces are the most popular home heating system in this country for several good reasons.

They are cost-effective to install, and their simple mechanics make them easy to maintain. They can also offer outstanding energy efficiency and comfort.

If you use a furnace in your home, you need an HVAC service provider you can trust. Here in Hartford and Tolland Counties, that company is Taylor Energy!

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Replacing your home’s furnace can be stressful. Taylor Energy understands that, so we provide personal, responsive service that no national company or big-box store can match.

First, we sell and install only quality oil- and gas-fired furnaces from leading makers such as Comfort-Aire, American Standard, Thermo Pride and Spirit.

We also thoroughly go over what you need in a furnace, taking information such as the size of your home, whether you’ve added space since your old furnace was installed, the level of insulation your home has, and the number and efficiency of your home’s windows. With that information, we make sure that you have the best, most energy-efficient furnace for your home that’s in your budget. We also help you secure financing and rebates for your new furnace.

All of Taylor Energy’s service technicians are trained, knowledgeable and experienced. We’ll make sure that your furnace is installed properly and safely. Once your furnace is installed, you can always count on us for future maintenance and repair services.

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The best thing you can do is to make sure you get a professional furnace maintenance tune-up each year.

A tune-up gives our service technicians a chance not only to take care of your furnace and perform needed tasks such as cleaning, lubricating and adjusting parts, but to do an up-close inspection of your entire unit. They can spot problems and fix them before they become worse and potentially cause a breakdown.

Getting your furnace regular, professional maintenance also helps keep it running at its peak efficiency. You’ll pay the least amount possible in energy costs while not having to sacrifice comfort!

Many furnace manufacturers have a clause in their warranties requiring an annual maintenance tune-up by a professional. Our tune-ups can help keep your warranty in effect.

Taylor Energy’s service plans for furnaces include an annual tune-up and help to shield you from big repair bills, because many parts and labor costs are covered or discounted.

There are ways you can help your furnace run at its best during the winter and prevent unneeded wear that can lead to breakdowns.

The most essential component in protecting your furnace and maintaining it at peak efficiency is a clean air filter. Checking your air filter once a month and changing it as needed will help in that. Do you have pets that shed and have dander? Check the air filter more frequently.

Heated air from the registers can be obstructed by items in the room, like curtains and furniture. This causes your furnace to work unnecessarily. Check your home for any of these obstructions and move or remove them.


Not having your furnace running in the middle of winter can cause a host of problems. Fortunately, Taylor Energy is here to help!

Our customers gets 24-hour no-heat emergency service, so even if your furnace stops working at 3 a.m., call us and we’ll be there promptly. We’ll make sure your furnace is back up and running.


A furnace heats your house by generating and circulating heated air. It is one of the oldest heating technologies still in use today. Furnaces were previously fueled by coal and wood but are now powered by heating oil, propane, natural gas or electricity to create heat.

The furnace kicks on when you manually set the thermostat, or if the air in your house falls below your desired temperature on a programmable or smart thermostat.

Your fuel is combusted in the burner. The heat exchanger heats the air coming into the furnace through the vent using that combusted fuel. Then the blower fan distributes that heated air throughout your home by way of your ductwork via vents, also known as registers.

When you need us, Taylor Energy is here for you with our top-notch furnace installation and service