Propane Delivery In CT & MA Towns

You Can Count On Taylor Energy!

Our neighbors here in Hartford and Tolland Counties use propane in their homes in a wide range of ways.

Some use it for home heating along with other propane appliances such as ranges, fireplaces and water heaters. Some only use propane for cooking. Others may have one or two appliances.

Being a local company, we at Taylor Energy know that we can’t offer one-size-fits-all propane delivery. We give you options so that you can always have the propane you need in a way that best suits your life. Do you have questions about our propane delivery services? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them!


Our customers overwhelmingly choose Automatic Delivery. Why? Because with Automatic Delivery, they don’t have to lift a finger to get their propane! We utilize cutting-edge software to study your past propane usage along with current weather conditions in order to correctly predict when you’ll need more propane and schedule a prompt delivery before you run low. By the way, Automatic Delivery is absolutely FREE!

If you choose Will-Call for your propane delivery, monitoring your propane tank gauge and calling us to request a delivery is your responsibility. We strongly urge our customers not to let their tank gauge level fall below 30% before requesting a delivery.

We provide 24-hour no-heat emergency propane delivery for our customers.

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Some customers prefer to have absolute precision in their propane delivery schedule. You get that with wireless propane tank monitoring! Our monitors use wireless and cellular technology to let us know 24 hours a day exactly how much propane is in your tank. The monitor sends us an alert when you need more propane, and we make the delivery.

Wireless propane tank monitoring is great for people who live away from their Northern Connecticut home for part of the year, for people who travel frequently, for income properties, and for those who manage the propane supply of elderly relatives.

With Taylor Energy, you know that you will always have propane! Become a customer today.