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Propane is an alternative fuel that remains a gas at room temperature and standard pressure, but can compress into a liquid for easy transport. Propane is harvested as a byproduct of natural gas processing and petroleum refinement. Over nine-tenths of the propane used in America is domestically produced.

Compared to coal or unleaded gas, propane combustion results in cleaner emissions. Propane emits the same amount of carbon as natural gas.

We are a leading residential and commercial propane supplier in Northern CT. At Taylor Energy, we dedicate ourselves to speedy, reliable delivery under a variety of payment options. Looking to switch your system, maintain your current system, or build a new system from scratch? Our team is the gateway to interior comfort on your terms. Call us for more information on how Taylor Energy can meet your unique energy needs today. Use automatic or will-call delivery to streamline your maintenance routine.

More Energy for Less

It's Cleaner

Propane burns hotter than traditional fuel because of its extremely high hydrogen content, making it a cleaner and greener energy option. Propane’s organic bonds and C-C bonds can result in a visible flame when burned: for instance, on open stovetops and grills. Because of its compact form and low boiling point, propane is the go-to fuel for home appliances and backup generators.

Lowers Cost

Increased efficiency lowers cost, but propane can also cut expenses in surprising ways. Unlike oil, propane prices remain relatively stable over time. Because propane is a byproduct of the domestic natural-gas industry, you won’t have to worry about international events spiking your energy bills.

Easy to Install

Propane energy systems are much easier to install and maintain that traditional options. While oil systems require chimneys or other forms of direct ventilation, PVC pipes can easily ventilate propane.

Alternative Fuel Sources

We additionally offer kerosene and diesel delivery services. Call us for more information today.
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