The Taylor Energy Difference

Get the reliable, personal service you deserve!

When it comes to the fuel delivery and equipment service that keeps your home warm, you want a company that you know will be there for you when you need it.

Here in Northern Connecticut, that company is Taylor Energy!

Providing our customers with dependable, quality, courteous service is at the heart of everything we do, every day of the year. The members of the Taylor Energy team all commit to excellence, and we hire our workers with that commitment in mind. It is how we put our core values into action.

  1. Each Taylor Energy employee will promise to support, educate and positively lead their colleagues and our customers with encouraging language, new solutions, kind and constructive teachings and effective communication, always fostering growth.
  2. Taylor Energy will partner with vendors and subcontractors who align with our goal of excellence, renewable energy and high efficiency, including the future of zero net carbon. When possible, we will strive to exceed current standards and state laws.
  3. Each employee will be honest and have integrity and respect for our colleagues, our customers, our customers’ property and belongings, our vendors, and Taylor Energy’s property. This value applies to the customer’s interaction with a Taylor Energy employee as well.
  4. Each Taylor Energy employee will make the safest and most conservative choice for each situation, always putting the safety of the employee and customers first.

Personal service from a local business

The major disadvantage of trusting a large national company with your home’s fuel and equipment services is its impersonal, unreliable service. At Taylor Energy, you’re our neighbor, not an account number! We’re local, woman-owned, and established in our community. When you call us, you get someone who knows the difference between Windsor and Windsor Locks instead of some far-off call center.

That personalized service is one reason we have so many stellar customer reviews.

We understand that our customers have individual needs for their heating oil or propane supply, and how they manage it. So we offer options like Automatic Delivery for propane and heating oil, and the precision and control of wireless propane tank monitoring. You can also control your fuel costs in a way that best suits you with our pricing and payment options.

When we talk about our commitment to efficiency and the environment, those are not empty words. We put them into action! First, we deliver top-quality Bioheat® Fuel, an ultra-low-sulfur heating oil blend, of which up to 20% is biodiesels made from renewable and natural resources such as plant oils, algae and tallow. Bioheat® Fuel burns dramatically cleaner than traditional heating oil, slashing greenhouse-gas emissions while helping your home’s furnace or boiler to run more efficiently, and cutting your energy usage and costs. Speaking of your heating system, we sell, install and service high-efficiency boilers, furnaces, water heaters, central air conditioning, ductless mini-splits and propane outdoor living appliances, so you reduce your home’s carbon footprint while staying comfortable.

Taylor Energy helps you take care of business

If you’re looking for that level of quality in your commercial fuels services, you’ve come to the right place!

Taylor Energy provides commercial fuel delivery and service to a wide range of businesses, such as farms, construction companies and transportation companies. We deliver diesel fuels, propane and heating oil, and also create a customized fleet fueling service for your business.

From Bloomfield to Bolton, Glastonbury to Granby, your neighbors know that Taylor Energy is the company they can trust to help cut their energy costs and keep their home comfortable. Become a customer today!