Kerosene Delivery

Get Reliable Kerosene Delivery With Taylor Energy!

You might be surprised to know that many of your neighbors here in Northern Connecticut use kerosene.

That is because kerosene offers lots of advantages when heating their homes. Taylor Energy provides the same dependable delivery of kerosene as we do for our Bioheat® heating oil.


Here in Hartford and Tolland Counties, it is quite common for temperatures to fall into the teens and lower during the winter.

contact usThere are many homes in our service area that are trailers or manufactured homes, with the oil tank outdoors, because they do not have basements. In severe cold, traditional heating oil is subject to gelling. Gelling is the term for when cold temperatures cause heating oil to thicken into a viscous sludge. This can clog the fuel lines from the tank to your heating system and shut your heating system down.

Since kerosene does not gel, it is safely stored outdoors.

Kerosene is an incredibly efficient and cost-effective heating fuel for residential use. You get 135,000 Btu’s per gallon and 90% efficiency, compared with electricity’s 3,412 Btu’s per kilowatt hour and meager 31% efficiency.

Kerosene is also a versatile energy source. It can not only heat your home but it can also provide energy for a kerosene stove for cooking and kerosene lamps for lighting.

Kerosene also burns more cleanly than wood or coal, other common choices for space heating, and is significantly safer, as it produces much less carbon monoxide than those fuels. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that replaces oxygen in red blood cells. Carbon monoxide poisoning is dangerous—potentially lethal—because it starves vital organs like your brain, heart and lungs of the oxygen they depend on to function.

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