Commercial Propane Delivery Services

Put The Power Of Propane To Work For Your Business With Taylor Energy!

Propane is an amazingly versatile and energy-efficient energy source that does so much for businesses of all kinds here in Hartford and Tolland Counties.

Restaurants, event centers and commercial kitchens use propane to turn out quality foods in large quantities. Hotels and inns use propane for efficient heating as well as for propane clothes dryers for improved housekeeping efficiency (propane dryers get laundry dry 25% faster than electric dryers, with less wear and fewer wrinkles).

contact usOn local farms, propane can be used for heating barns, poultry houses and greenhouses, water heating, crop drying, heating orchards during cold snaps, and more. Propane-powered flame weed torches eliminate the use of toxic herbicides.

Taylor Energy is the region’s leader for dependable, responsive commercial propane services.


Because Taylor Energy is a local business, we understand that our fellow local businesses have unique needs. So we don’t offer cookie-cutter bulk propane services the way the big national propane companies do. We work with you and come up with a bulk propane delivery schedule that’s not only tailored to your business, but flexible. We also offer 24-hour emergency service.

Need commercial propane tanks? We safely and expertly install them and provide affordable propane tank leasing.


A power outage is more than an inconvenience for businesses and institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. The longer it goes on, the more costly and dangerous it is.

That’s why so many businesses and institutions are turning to efficient, safe and reliable propane standby generators. Taylor Energy is your one-stop shop for commercial propane standby generators. We partner with a local business for sales, and we provide expert installation and reliable propane delivery so that your generator has the fuel it needs.

Commercial propane standby generators keep the patients safe and keep essential, life-saving equipment powered at healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes. They power the commercial refrigerators that maintain a safe temperature for food at grocery stores. They also prevent the shutdown of the HVAC that protects servers and other technology.


Propane cylinders aren’t just for your backyard BBQ grill! Businesses use propane cylinders in a wide array of ways. Here are some of them:

Forklifts can be powered by propane cylinders. Unlike gasoline forklifts, propane forklifts can safely be used indoors and outside. They offer more power than electric forklifts and don’t need to be sidelined for up to eight hours while recharging.

Propane cylinders are used in the hospitality business for outdoor grilling, deck and patio heaters, and outdoor fireplaces, firepits and insect traps. Landscapers use propane cylinders for emissions-free commercial mowers and other equipment.

In the winter, propane cylinders power temporary heating equipment at construction and renovation job sites. This heating allows workers to do their jobs in safety and comfort while keeping materials such as paint, stucco and plaster from degrading. Propane cylinders are also used at construction sites for portable generators that provide charging for cordless power tools.

However your business uses propane cylinders, Taylor Energy makes it easy to keep them full! Come to our offices, at 152 Broad Brook Road in Broad Brook, during our regular business hours and we’ll refill your cylinders or exchange them for full ones.

Taylor Energy is the commercial propane service provider you can count on! Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation.