Dependable Heating Oil Delivery

Taylor Energy Will Make Sure You Always Have Heating Oil In Your Home!

When you use heating oil, you need a delivery company you can count on. For many of your neighbors in Hartford and Tolland Counties, that heating oil company is Taylor Energy!

With a long history of outstanding service, a fleet of well-maintained delivery vehicles and a reliable oil supply, Taylor Energy makes having heating oil in your home free from work or worry.


The overwhelming majority of Taylor Energy customers use our Automatic Delivery service to get their heating oil. They love the convenience and the freedom from managing their heating oil supply!

Instead of frequently having to go down to the basement or out into winter’s cold and snow to see how much heating oil is in your tank and then contacting Taylor Energy to schedule a delivery, you can let us do the work for you! We utilize the latest software to analyze data including your heating oil usage history, current weather conditions and future temperature forecasts to accurately predict when you’ll need more heating oil. With that information, we can promptly schedule a delivery to your home. You no longer need to worry about runouts thanks to this FREE service!

If you prefer Will-Call for your heating oil delivery, we strongly recommend that you do not let your heating oil tank gauge fall below a quarter full before contacting us to request a delivery.

Our customers get 24-hour no-heat emergency heating oil delivery.


Taylor Energy is committed to offering home comfort solutions that are also better for the planet. That is why we exclusively deliver BIOHEAT® Fuel.

Our Bioheat® Fuel is different than the heating oil of just a decade ago. It is an ultra-low-sulfur heating oil blend, of which up to 20% is biodiesels made from natural resources like plant oils and algae. The virtual elimination of the sulfur plus the addition of clean-burning biodiesels make our Bioheat® Fuel much better for the environment, as greenhouse gases are dramatically reduced. It is also better for your furnace or boiler, because it leaves fewer deposits on heat registers. Your heating system will run with better efficiency, saving you on energy costs, while reduced wear will make it last longer.


One of the advantages of being a local business is that we can provide superior personalized service to our customers, because we understand you in ways no big national fuel company can.

That personalized service includes pricing and payment options for your heating oil that let you can manage your heating oil costs your way! Those options include:

Price cap. You set the maximum price for your heating oil ahead of heating season. You no longer need to fear heating oil price spikes, because you’ll NEVER pay more than the capped price!

Budget Plan. Instead of getting stuck with larger heating oil bills in the winter, you can spread your heating oil costs over 11 easy, affordable monthly installments. If you also enroll in Price Cap, your costs are spread out over 12 installments.

AutoPay. Ensure that your heating oil payment is always on time with AutoPay. We automatically deduct your payment from your checking account or charge it to your credit card.

Become a Taylor Energy customer and get heating oil delivery you can trust!