Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance And Repair

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Just a few decades ago, central air conditioning was seen as a luxury. Today, it’s standard in more and more homes.

Taylor Energy is the one-stop shop for all your central air conditioning needs here in Hartford and Tolland Counties. We sell, install, maintain and repair air conditioning systems with our team of trained and experienced service technicians.

contact usIf you don’t have central air conditioning in your home, Taylor Energy will make the process of adding it easy! That’s because we sell and install only quality air conditioning systems from reputable manufacturers such as Trane, American Standard and Comfort-Aire.

No ductwork in your home? No problem! Taylor Energy also sells and installs ductless mini-splits that provide energy efficiency and cooling—superior to that of window units—without needing to add ductwork to your home.


Your central air conditioning system is a major investment in your home’s comfort and value. If the time has come to replace it, you may be finding the prospect stressful.

Taylor Energy is here to help! Because we’re a full-service provider, we can handle everything. First, our experts will help you choose the right central A/C for your home within your budget, giving you a FREE and nonbinding estimate. We can also assist with financing and rebates your new air conditioning system qualifies for.

You can trust our skilled service technicians to install your new central air conditioning system properly and safely, and we’re here for you down the road with all your maintenance and repair services.

American Standard


Taking good care of your home’s central air conditioning system helps to keep it running smoothly, extend its life expectancy and save you from the hassle and expense of repairs.

An annual maintenance tune-up by our service technicians is essential. First, we’ll thoroughly go over your A/C system. We’ll clean, lubricate and adjust parts and do a complete inspection. This way, we’ll be able to detect problems and fix them before they get worse and cause a breakdown. Your air conditioning will run at its best possible efficiency, helping to reduce your summer energy bills.

There are some things you can do between tune-ups to help keep your central A/C in tip-top shape. First, check the air filter at least once a month (more frequently if you have pets) and change it as needed. A dirty air filter drags down your air conditioner’s efficiency and can damage its parts. Move furniture and draperies that are obstructing the cooled air from flowing out of the vents and circulating in your home.

If you are having problems with your central air conditioning or it has broken down, Taylor Energy is here for you with prompt repair services for anyone in our service area, not just our customers, because you’re our neighbors. We’ll make sure your home’s A/C is fixed right the first time.

Taylor Energy helps to protect your home’s central air conditioning with our affordable service plans. Each service plan includes an annual maintenance tune-up and, if your air conditioning does break down, helps to minimize your costs by providing coverage for or discounts on many parts and labor costs for the repairs.


Your home’s central air conditioning works as a closed-loop cycle. When the temperature inside your home gets warmer than the set temperature on your thermostat, the central air conditioning system kicks on. The warm air inside your home is drawn into your return ducts and then through a filter to remove pollen, dust, dirt and other particles. That filtered air passes over the cold evaporator coil, and the liquid inside the coil is converted into gas, cooling the air. The indoor unit’s blower fan sends that cooled air through the ductwork, where it is circulated through your home.

The refrigerant gas is sent out of your home through copper tubing into the outdoor unit’s compressor, where it is compressed and sent to the outdoor unit’s condenser coil. The outdoor unit’s fan pulls outdoor air through the condenser, back into the house, allowing the air to absorb heat from the house and push it outside. This process also converts the refrigerant back to liquid, and it is sent on a return trip through the copper coil to the indoor unit to be used the next time your air conditioner turns on.

You can’t beat Taylor Energy for quality central air conditioning installation and serviceGet in touch with us for all your home’s A/C needs!