Ductless Mini-split Installation And Service

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There are many older homes here in boiler for heat and so do not have ductwork.

For a long time, if you had a home without ductwork, your only options for air conditioning were to go through the costly and messy process of adding ducts or resigning yourself to using window units.

However, window units have several disadvantages. Inefficiency and noise top the list, followed by light-blocking and letting in outdoor debris like dust, pollen, dirt or insects. They are also a security risk. Installing and removing window units in the spring and fall is also difficult and potentially dangerous, particularly if you’re on a second or third story.

There’s a much better option. Ductless mini-splits from Taylor Energy eliminate all of that and also help slash your cooling costs!


Unlike central air conditioning systems, mini-splits do not require ductwork. They are incredibly versatile, with discreet indoor units that we can mount just about anywhere in your rooms and connect with minimal disruption to your daily life. Mini-split equipment can also provide supplemental heat in cooler months.

Taylor Energy is a Pro Dealer for LG ductless mini-splits, one of the best products around. You get a 12-year labor warranty on LG mini-splits. We can also provide assistance with financing and any rebates your new units qualify for. By the way, your mini-splits may also qualify for a federal Energy Star® tax credit!


Installing a mini-split system in your home is far simpler than installing ductwork for central A/C equipment. The process can take a day or less, with only basic drilling to mount your equipment and run the tubing through your walls. By contrast, it costs several thousand dollars to add ductwork, and you will have to live in a dusty, dirty work zone while your walls and ceilings are opened up for the ductwork installation.

At Taylor Energy, we handle everything from sales and installation to mini-split maintenance and mini-split repair. Using Taylor Energy to add mini-splits to your home is a hassle-free process.

Our team of skilled and experienced service technicians will install your new ductless mini-splits. Our affordable service plans help keep them running smoothly with annual maintenance tune-ups and also help cover many parts and labor costs for repairs.


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When you install a mini-split system to replace old, inefficient window units, you will enjoy a host of advantages:

  • Ductless mini-splits are much more energy efficient than window units. A mini-split uses approximately 40% less energy than a window unit. You can also improve your home’s efficiency by zoned cooling!
  • You don’t need to worry about losing cool air through leaky ducts, which the U.S. Department of Energy found can account for more than 30% of energy consumption related to climate control.
  • The components of a mini-split system are relatively small. They can cool a whole zone while staying out of sight.
  • If you have central air conditioning and have built an addition onto your home or added finished space like an attic bedroom or office, you can use ductless mini-splits to provide cooling to those spaces and lighten the workload for your central A/C, helping it to last longer.
  • If you take care of your mini-split system, it will take care of you for 20 years or more!


As with all your home’s heating, cooling and comfort equipment, regular maintenance of your ductless mini-split will help it run better and extend its life expectancy, which can be up to 30 years.

Our service technicians perform annual maintenance tune-ups for mini-splits. We’ll inspect air filters and clean or replace them, clean both the indoor and outdoor units, clean the condensing unit and outdoor coil, and perform a thorough inspection of your mini-splits to make sure that there’s enough refrigerant and to detect any problems so that they can be fixed before they get worse and cause a breakdown.

There are several things you can do between tune-ups to keep your ductless mini-splits running smoothly. One of the most important things is to add cleaning them to your regular housecleaning chore list. Here’s how to do it:

  • Clean the outside of your indoor unit cabinet with a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner attachment regularly to keep dust and dirt from accumulating.
  • Turn off the system and inspect and clean the indoor unit’s air filter every four to six weeks, following manufacturer’s directions. Then clean dust and dirt from inside the cabinet using a vacuum cleaner attachment or a dry cloth.
  • Head outside and check on the outdoor unit. Remove any leaves or other debris from the unit and its base. Trim away any shrubs encroaching on its space, so it has room to operate and discharge air to the outside.
  • If you choose to clean the coils on the outdoor unit, use a garden hose with a light spray; never use a high-pressure nozzle. Make sure that the outdoor unit is completely dry before turning the system back on.
mini-split ductless cleaning


Ductless mini-splits, also called heat pumps, are a very simple system with only two major components: the outdoor compressor unit and the indoor air handler. A tube connecting the compressor and the condenser also houses power-and-communication lines.

The compressor, as its name implies, compresses refrigerant. The cooled refrigerant is then delivered to the condenser, where it loses its heat and is sent out of the system to the outdoors. The refrigerant is now a liquid and is pumped into the evaporator via the conduit. Warm indoor air is blown over the evaporator coils, causing the refrigerant to absorb heat. The cooled air from the air handler is sent into your house.

Ductless mini-splits from Taylor Energy make it easy to have air conditioning in your home! Get in touch with us to get started.