Fleet Fueling Services For Businesses In Northern Ct

Taylor Energy Makes Managing Your Fleet Vehicles’ Fuel Needs Easy!

If you manage the fueling for your business’s fleet vehicles, there are times when it can seem like a lot of hassle.

There’s the managing of receipts from multiple drivers, record-keeping, and trying to manage your fleet’s efficiency.

Taylor Energy offers a solution with our complete fleet fueling services! We provide customized fuel delivery, so you get the fuel you need when you need it. Our commercial fuels experts will go over your requirements with you so that we can create a service plan and a delivery schedule tailored to your business.


Taylor Energy’s fleet fueling services make you and your business more efficient. Here are some of the benefits we offer:

Better management of fuel usage and costs. When all your fleet vehicles are fueled by Taylor Energy, you know exactly how much fuel your equipment and vehicles are using. This information helps you to understand how much fuel you need, to anticipate times when your fuel needs will change and to plan your fuel budget more effectively.

Increase efficiency. Remember the old saying “time is money”? That’s also true of the impact of fleet fueling on your productivity and that of your team and your drivers. Your drivers won’t lose time going to off-site fueling stations and having to organize and submit their receipts. You and your staff won’t have to spend time managing those receipts, keeping records and dealing with fuel card accounts. Your supervision of fleet fueling is more efficient, freeing you up to focus on other work that can improve and increase your business.

Reduce fuel theft. Many businesses suffer from fuel theft, as employees may abuse their fuel cards or allowances for personal gain. Taylor Energy’s fleet fueling gives you greater control over how your company’s money is being spent on fuel.

Reduce vehicle wear and tear. When drivers have to go off site, or out of their way on their routes, to fuel up their vehicles, they are adding mileage to those vehicles. It may not sound like much: a few miles here, a few miles there. But multiply that by how many vehicles there are in your fleet and how many times your drivers need to do this. You’ll see how these quick fueling trips add up, and how they add to the wear and tear on your vehicles. That can increase maintenance and repair costs, and potentially shorten the life expectancy of your vehicles. On-site fleet fueling allows you to reduce the wear on your vehicles.


So many businesses here in Hartford and Tolland Counties rely on fleet vehicles for their work. These include:

  • agriculture, from apple orchards to tobacco farms and everything in between
  • waste hauling
  • construction companies
  • courier and delivery companies
  • trucking companies
  • moving companies

Get your fleet fueling under control with Taylor Energy’s fleet fueling services! Contact us today to schedule a consultation.