Boiler Installation And Service

Taylor Energy Will Keep Your Home Warm And Comfortable!

If you are facing the repair or replacement of your boiler, you may be nervous about the process. But you don’t have to be when you use Taylor Energy for your home’s boiler needs!

Taylor Energy is with you every step of the way when a boiler replacement is in your future. We sell and install boilers of outstanding quality and efficiency from leading manufacturers including Buderus, Energy Kinetics, Bosch, Viessmann, Crown, Peerless, Weil-McLain and Burnham.

contact usWe sit down with you to thoroughly go over what you require in a boiler. We’ll talk about the size of your home. You may need a more powerful boiler if you have built a home addition or added finished space like an attic, sunporch or basement. We will factor in things such as the amount of insulation in your home and how many windows you have. All the information we get will help us find you the best, most energy-efficient boiler for your home and your budget. Your estimate, by the way, is FREE and nonbinding.

Our team of service technicians is trained, skilled and experienced. You can be assured that your boiler installation will be done to the highest standards of safety and quality.

Whether your home’s boiler uses heating oil or propane, we also provide dependable heating oil delivery and propane delivery.


Taylor Energy also saves you money by helping you secure any rebates your home’s new boiler is qualified for. Find out more about rebates.

Your new boiler may also qualify for Energy Star® federal tax credits, and we’ll make sure you know about it.

We help you secure affordable and transparent financing as well.

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There are many reasons that every one of Taylor Energy’s service plans includes an annual maintenance tune-up for your boiler. Regular boiler maintenance does a great deal to reduce emergency repairs. Here’s what our service technicians do during a boiler tune-up:

  • calibrate your thermostat
  • check overall heating function
  • check electrical connections
  • test safety and limit switches
  • clean and test burners
  • thoroughly inspect your heating system

All of this helps to make sure that your boiler is running safely and properly. Our service technicians get a chance to spot any problems and fix them before they cause your boiler to break down. Annual professional maintenance also saves you money, because your boiler will run at its best possible efficiency, keeping your heating costs down and helping it to last longer.


There isn’t much worse a feeling than finding out that your boiler isn’t working. During very cold weather, this can make your home uncomfortably and potentially dangerously cold. Pipes can freeze and burst if an outage is prolonged.

Taylor Energy is here for you! First, we offer troubleshooting that gives you the chance to solve the problem on your own without needing a service call. If you do need us, we’re here for you with round-the-clock no-heat emergency service, regardless of whether you are a Taylor Energy customer or not. We’ll make sure that your boiler is back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our service plans also include many discounts on labor and repair costs, which can help shield you if you do need boiler repairs.

gas boiler diagram


A boiler uses water to produce heat, which is then circulated around your home. Because a boiler is a closed-loop system, water does not need to be constantly brought in or replaced, making it more efficient.

The components of a boiler include:

  • a burner, where the fuel (gas or oil) is mixed
  • a combustion chamber, where the mixed fuel and air is sent and burned to
  • piping, which distributes the steam and hot water through your home
  • valves (on gas boilers), which let the boiler receive the gas needed to ignite the pilot light and burner
  • a vent, which allows the built-up gases to safely exit your home

Many homeowners believe that water and steam-based heating is much better at carrying heat than forced-air alternatives. The heat that boilers create does not dry out the air, and boilers distribute that heat more evenly around your rooms, without cold spots.

Taylor Energy will install and take good care of your boiler so that it operates smoothly and efficiently for years to come! Contact us for more information and a FREE estimate.