Bioheat Plus® Fuel: Our Commitment to a Greener Future

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Enjoy efficiency and comfort with environmentally friendly Bioheat Plus® Fuel from Taylor Energy!

At Taylor Energy, we are dedicated to providing home energy and equipment solutions to our customers that promote environmental friendliness, reduced energy usage and enhanced comfort.

That is why we exclusively deliver Bioheat Plus Fuel to our heating oil customers in Hartford and Tolland Counties.

Bioheat Plus Fuel is a factor in the heating oil industry’s goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.

Why is Bioheat Plus Fuel better for the planet?

Our Bioheat Plus Fuel starts with ultra-low-sulfur heating oil (ULSHO). On its own, ULSHO is revolutionary. To qualify, its sulfur content must be 15 parts per million (ppm) or less. Traditional No. 2 heating oil contains an average of 4,000 ppm.

ULSHO emits almost zero particulates and cuts sulfur dioxide emissions by 75% and nitrous oxide emissions by 10%. These improvements help reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and fight climate change.

However, ULSHO is only the beginning. Our Bioheat Fuel is a blend of 80% ULSHO and 20% biodiesels made from natural and renewable resources such as:

Using biodiesels lessens our dependence on foreign oil imports and keeps this waste out of landfills.

The blend we carry is close to or even more clean burning than natural gas, so you can be proud to heat your home with Bioheat Plus Fuel!

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How is Bioheat Plus Fuel better for my home?

Bioheat Plus Fuel isn’t just better for the environment. It’s also better for your home in multiple ways.

First, Bioheat’s cleaner burning makes it much more energy efficient than traditional No. 2 heating oil. You can see lower heating costs each winter without having to give up one bit of comfort.

Because of the reduced sulfur content in Bioheat Fuel, it leaves fewer deposits on the heat registers in your home’s boiler or furnace. Fewer deposits mean there is less wear and tear on the parts in your heating system. Using Bioheat Fuel means not only that you’ll see fewer breakdowns, but that the life expectancy of your furnace or boiler could be extended by years, both of which save you a lot of money!

Automatic Delivery makes getting Bioheat Plus Fuel easy

Being a local business, we understand that your lives are busy. So, we’re taking something off your to-do list with our heating oil Automatic Delivery option!

You no longer need to regularly go outside in the cold and wet or down into the basement to check your heating oil tank gauge, or to remember to call us and request a heating oil delivery.

Taylor Energy uses the latest technology along with degree-day calculation to accurately know when you will need more heating oil. We schedule the delivery. You don’t have to do a thing!

Whether you’re in Stafford Springs or Simsbury, or anywhere else in our Northern Connecticut service area, you can get our premium Bioheat Plus Fuel for your home. Become a Taylor Energy customer today!

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