Summer Tips For Homes That Use Heating Oil Systems

Heating oil often fades into the background of our daily concerns during summer. However, this period of calm and warmth offers an ideal opportunity for foresight and preparation regarding your heating needs. With the sun shining and your heating system at rest, now is an opportune moment to assess and address any maintenance or upgrades your system may require. Preparing in advance for the colder seasons can significantly enhance the comfort of your home when the chill sets in. To this end, consider these essential summer heating oil tips for managing your oil needs during the summer.

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Heating Oil Tips To Follow During Summer

As summer unfolds, it’s a strategic time to consider how you can optimize your heating oil management for efficiency and savings.

Maximize Lower Fuel Oil Prices

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Winter brings a surge in heating oil demand as countless households rely on it to keep warm, naturally driving up prices. Conversely, the summer months witness a dip in this demand, presenting a prime opportunity for savvy homeowners.

During this low season, oil companies often introduce discounts to stimulate sales. This is an excellent chance to secure your heating oil at a more favorable price. Anticipating your winter needs now and placing your order can lead to substantial savings. Call Taylor Energy today!

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Conduct an Oil Tank Inspection

The summer season is a great opportunity for a comprehensive oil tank inspection. You can easily examine your outdoor tank in favorable weather conditions to ensure it’s in top shape. Over the years, tanks can suffer from rust, holes, and cracks, potentially leading to water intrusion and subsequent issues.

During your inspection, don’t forget to assess the stability of the tank’s legs and confirm that the lids are securely fastened. If your tank is nearing the end of its service life or exhibits significant wear, consider arranging for a replacement to maintain your heating system’s reliability. Click the link to learn about Taylor Energy’s oil tank replacement services.

Schedule Professional Heating System Maintenance

Boiler Repair Services

Homeowners may notice obvious issues, but subtler signs of wear in oil heating systems often require a professional eye. Certified HVAC technicians can spot early signs of trouble, access difficult areas, and perform comprehensive diagnostics. They have the expertise and specialized tools to provide comprehensive cleaning and system tune-ups.

An annual service for your furnace or boiler is critical for its longevity and reliable performance, ensuring it runs smoothly for years to come.

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Secure the Outdoor Tank

Outdoor storage tanks are not just crucial for your home’s warmth; they also hold valuable fuel, attracting the attention of thieves. Consider measures to conceal your tank from public view to prevent unauthorized access and protect your investment.

Installing a fence or planting dense shrubbery can effectively shield your tank from potential burglars while ensuring compliance with necessary safety clearances for airflow and fire prevention. Enhancing tank security with locks, oil tank alarms, and surveillance cameras further deters theft, providing peace of mind and safeguarding your fuel supply.

Utilize Summer for Heating System Upgrades

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Summer’s warm months provide the perfect opportunity to implement significant changes to your heating system without inconvenience. Whether it’s swapping out aging heating oil tanks for newer models to enhance reliability and possibly expand storage, undertaking repairs, or upgrading your boiler, now is the ideal time.

For homes experiencing frequent heating system failures, considering a complete HVAC system replacement during this period can be particularly wise. Such projects can be time-consuming, making the off-season an optimal window for these updates.

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Explore Options for Superior Oil Delivery Services

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Summer is an ideal time to reassess your heating oil delivery service, especially if you’re less than satisfied with your current provider’s performance. Take this time to research competitors in your area, gathering insights from customer reviews and feedback to gauge their reliability, punctuality, and pricing. Inquiring with friends and neighbors about their experiences can provide valuable perspectives on service quality and help you discover more competitive rates or attractive deals. 

For those not yet acquainted with Taylor Energy, don’t hesitate to contact us. Give us a call and find out how we can meet your heating oil needs!

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Mitigate Oil Tank Condensation

Condensation in oil tanks can initiate corrosion, weakening the structure from within. This problem intensifies when tanks are nearly empty, as moist air fills the void.

To prevent such damage, especially during summer, ensure your tank remains filled. A timely oil delivery can help avoid condensation, preserving the integrity of your tank. Call Taylor Energy today.

Maintain Clear Access to the Fill Pipe

The oil delivery trucks must have unobstructed access to your tank’s fill pipe for efficient heating oil delivery. Over time, foliage can grow and obscure this area.

Regularly inspect the surroundings of your tank and trim any overgrown bushes to ensure clear access. Marking the fill pipe’s location visibly will help the delivery team locate it quickly.

FAQs: Summer Maintenance and Delivery

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Here are several common queries about summer heating oil maintenance and delivery:

How Frequently Should I Maintain My Oil Heating System?

To ensure your heating unit works efficiently and reliably, it’s recommended to schedule a professional service for your furnace or boiler at least once a year. A summer service appointment is ideal, as it prepares your system for peak performance during the colder seasons, enhancing its reliability and prolonging its life.

What Should I Consider For Major Heating System Upgrades?

For substantial upgrades such as an oil tank replacement or heating system enhancements, key considerations include timing (with summer being optimal), potential efficiency gains, and alignment with your heating requirements. Consulting with experts like Taylor Energy can also guide you to the most efficient and cost-effective options.

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Is There A Best Practice For My Oil Tank During The Summer To Prepare For Winter?

A critical practice for maintaining your oil tank in preparation for winter is to keep it at least half full or more during the summer. This strategy helps prevent condensation within the tank, which can cause corrosion.

Regular inspections for any signs of wear, damage, or deterioration are also crucial. Addressing these issues promptly through repairs or replacements ensures your system remains efficient and ready for the colder season.


Though it might not be immediately obvious, summer is the ideal season for maintaining your oil tank and oil-fired heating system. Winter complicates any significant tinkering due to the constant demand on your heating system.

With these components typically lying dormant in the summer, seize the opportunity to conduct essential maintenance. This period also provides a chance to reevaluate your oil budget and explore more efficient strategies for your forthcoming delivery, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the colder months ahead.

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