Central Air Troubleshooting Tips

Avoid a professional A/C repair with these simple fixes.

Is there anything more aggravating than having a central air conditioner that isn’t coming on or is blowing warm or weak air while it’s swelteringly hot outside?

At Taylor Energy, our air conditioning repair team handles hundreds of no-cooling calls throughout the season. We appreciate that a broken A/C can quickly become an emergency in the dog days of summer. Our HVAC experts are always ready to help homeowners in Stafford Springs, Granby, and other Northern Connecticut towns we service.

That said, we also want you to have the knowledge to fix minor A/C issues yourself and potentially save some cash by avoiding a service call. Here are four troubleshooting tips for your central air conditioning system.

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1. Check your thermostat.

If you’re not getting cool air from your vents, the first thing you should do is ensure that your thermostat is set to “cool” or “air conditioning” mode. Also, ensure the temperature is set at least 5 degrees cooler than your current room temperature.

Do you have a battery-powered thermostat? If the screen is blank, it might be time for new batteries.

2. Check your cooling system’s power supply.

If the fan in your outdoor condenser unit isn’t running or your indoor unit is off, check all power switches. If they’re in the on position, then you should confirm there isn’t a tripped circuit breaker.

3. Check your vents.

If your system is running, but you aren’t getting cool air in a room, make sure that nothing is obstructing your vents. House plants, furniture and floor rugs can all block cool air from your vents.

4. Check for obstructed airflow.

image of a dirty hvac filter that needs a replacement for cooling system efficiency

A dirty or clogged air filter can impede airflow in your A/C system. To prevent this, we recommend checking your air filters once a month during the summer and cleaning or replacing them if necessary.
Another cause of blocked airflow is vegetation or debris clogging your outdoor equipment. If your outdoor A/C unit has plant matter or other obstructions, you can power it down, clear away two feet of space around it, and then turn it back on. This could solve your airflow issue.

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Taylor Energy is here for the A/C issues you can’t fix yourself.

If none of the troubleshooting tips above solve your cooling system problem, get in touch with the HVAC professionals at Taylor Energy. Plenty of A/C problems require trained and licensed pros, including mechanical and electrical issues and refrigerant leaks.

Our team members will quickly and accurately assess the problem with your cooling equipment and get it up and running again. If we find that your system has reached the end of its service life, we can help you find replacement central air equipment and install it for you.

Additionally, Taylor Energy offers affordable air conditioning service agreements. With this coverage, you’ll receive a complimentary annual tune-up, priority emergency service, and discounts on parts and labor costs. Contact us today or call (860) 623-3308.

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