6 Ways You’re Overworking Your Furnace

Furnaces, known for their durability, can withstand years of use. Yet, they are not immune to deterioration caused by neglect, overuse, or misuse. During winter, a dependable heating system is essential for a comfortable home. A furnace, while sturdy, can deteriorate ahead of time if not correctly utilized. Over time, this leads to inevitable breakdowns. This decline in furnace efficiency results in higher home heating expenses and more frequent HVAC maintenance. Understanding methods to aid your furnace in operating smoothly and efficiently is beneficial.

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How You Are Overburdening Your Furnace 

A common oversight among homeowners is dismissing early indications of furnace issues, only acknowledging them when they escalate. Intriguingly, it’s often the homeowners themselves who inadvertently exacerbate these issues. This article will explore six typical behaviors that lead to unnecessary strain and overexertion on home heating systems. This way, you can avoid these scenarios, improving furnace efficiency.

Neglecting to Lower Thermostat Settings When You Leave

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A common practice among homeowners is maintaining a constant temperature on their thermostats, even during extended periods when the house is empty. This approach, while aimed at preserving home comfort, is often unnecessary and leads to the furnace exerting more effort than required, thereby consuming more energy.

Consider utilizing a programmable thermostat to reduce energy expenses, prevent overburdening your furnace, and improve furnace efficiency. This device allows you to preset temperatures for times when your home is occupied and when it’s not. For those without a programmable thermostat, manually adjusting the temperature before leaving for the day is a practical alternative. While at home, it’s advisable to maintain the thermostat at the suggested temperature settings.

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Cranking the Thermostat When You’re Cold

Resisting the urge to increase the thermostat setting excessively when feeling cold is essential. Initially, verify if the thermostat is set to your preferred temperature. If not, adjust it to the ideal setting, but avoid going higher. Should the thermostat already be at the correct temperature, further increasing it won’t expedite warming and will only lead to unnecessary strain on your furnace.

Choosing the Cheapest Furnace Replacement

As furnaces age, their efficiency diminishes, and they inevitably succumb to wear and tear. Eventually, a replacement becomes necessary. 

Opting for a new, energy-efficient furnace can significantly improve your home’s comfort and indoor air quality and reduce energy costs. However, resist the allure of the cheapest available replacement option. Remember, your furnace system is an investment, and its performance will impact your home environment and energy expenses for years to come. Selecting a high-quality furnace replacement is a wise decision for long-term benefits.

Letting Cold Air Intrude Your Home

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The habit of leaving windows and doors even slightly open can lead to the influx of cold air into your home. This is often noticeable when there’s a distinct chill in the air indoors. Regularly check that doors and windows are securely closed and locked. Additionally, learning to detect air drafts is beneficial. Gaps, holes, and cracks around doors and windows frequently cause cold drafts. Promptly addressing these issues is essential.

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Obstructing Vents with Furniture

A common oversight in many homes is the obstruction of air return vents with furniture, curtains, or other items. At times, the placement of vents is overlooked in pursuit of functional interior design or style, leading to furniture, plants, or other solid objects being placed directly in front of or on top of them. This obstructs airflow from wall heat vents, hindering the furnace’s ability to distribute warm air evenly throughout the space. This is similar to placing a bed over a vent to warm your bedding. It might keep it warm, but it can disrupt proper airflow. 

Neglecting Annual Furnace Maintenance

It is essential for homeowners to not overlook the importance of annual furnace maintenance and checkups. Regular inspections by a qualified HVAC contractor can identify potential issues early, allowing for prompt repairs. This proactive approach helps reduce energy costs and ensures the heating system operates at peak efficiency.

If you’re among the homeowners who tend to neglect regular furnace filter changes, it’s essential to recognize that this can lead to an overworked furnace. Inspect your furnace filter every month to prevent this and ensure the filter is clean and functioning correctly.

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Three Indicators of an Overworked Heating System

Here are three signs your heating system is overworked:

Rising Heating Expenses

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While it’s normal for home heating costs to rise during winter, an excessive increase could indicate a problem with your furnace. Several factors could contribute to this spike. A primary step is to examine and replace your air filters if needed. If your air filter is already clean and the high costs persist, contact an HVAC contractor for a thorough inspection of your heating system.

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Inconsistent Indoor Temperatures

Experiencing uneven temperatures in your home, characterized by cold and hot spots, clearly indicates that your furnace system might be struggling. This inconsistency suggests that the furnace is overworked and failing to maintain the desired temperature. Promptly seek the expertise of a furnace professional to inspect the system and provide a diagnosis. 

Regular Need for Furnace Repair

A furnace that demands frequent repairs is often a telltale sign of being overworked. When a furnace operates under excessive strain, it tends to wear out more rapidly than expected. This leads to more regular repairs and may culminate in the need for an earlier-than-anticipated replacement. 

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Understanding the intricacies of home heating, which combines art and science, is essential for maintaining the efficiency of your HVAC unit. If you’re keen to learn more about preserving your HVAC system’s optimal condition or are considering a furnace replacement, it’s time to consult a trusted HVAC expert.

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