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Taylor Energy is a top-rated Simsbury HVAC contractor, provides best in class heating and cooling services for residential and commercial customers located in and around Simsbury, Connecticut.

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We believe in creating spaces that speak of ultimate comfort, energy efficiency, and unwavering reliability, all wrapped in our premium HVAC solutions.

We provide the following HVAC services:

  • Simsbury heating and cooling
  • Furnace repairs in Simsbury
  • Simsbury air conditioner repairs
  • Simsbury furnace replacement
  • Air conditioning installations in Simsbury
  • Ductless mini-split install & service in Simsbury
  • Simsbury HVAC duct cleaning
  • And more!
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The major disadvantage of trusting a large national company with your home’s fuel and equipment services is its impersonal, unreliable service. At Taylor Energy, you’re our neighbor, not an account number! We’re local, woman-owned, and established in our community. When you call us, you get someone who knows the local Simsbury area instead of some far-off call center. Read more.

HVAC Near Me Simsbury CT

You've landed at the right place if you’re a homeowner searching for an HVAC contractor that combines expertise with a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. From repairing a summer-sabotaging air conditioner to installing an energy-efficient heating system, our team of certified technicians provides you a wealth of experience, making sure your home stays cozy year-round.

Heating and Cooling Near Me In Simsbury

Navigate through each season's particular climate challenges with ease with Taylor Energy. Your quest for the ideal 'HVAC near me' concludes here, where we provide a holistic suite of services designed to uphold your home’s comfort in every climatic condition, from the intense summer warmth to the harsh winter chill. Our trained specialists, proficient in your area's particular weather demands, are merely a call away to provide personalized solutions whenever you need you require them.

Each season brings particular challenges for homeowners in maintaining the ideal indoor climate. With Taylor Energy, you can surpass these challenges with ease. Your search for "HVAC near me" ends with our all-inclusive range of services designed to sustain your home's comfort throughout every season, be it the blazing summer heat to the piercing winter cold. Our local specialists comprehend the specific climatic needs of your area and are just a call away anytime you need a personalized solution.

Furnace Repair Simsbury CT

In the core of winter, a dependable furnace is not merely about comfort; it's about well-being and peace of mind. At Taylor Energy, we comprehend the essential role a smooth-running furnace serves in your home. Our dedication to excellence guarantees that when your heating system faces issues, we are right there with quick and efficient furnace repair solutions.

With a team of certified and proficient technicians, Taylor Energy offers a thorough approach to furnace repairs. Whether you're encountering slight glitches or serious breakdowns, our professionals are equipped to pinpoint the issue swiftly and restore your furnace to peak performance. Utilizing the latest tools and industry-leading practices, we ensure your furnace not only runs smoothly but also performs at top efficiency. Rely on Taylor Energy for all your furnace repair needs, and experience warmth and comfort all winter long.

Air Conditioner Repair Simsbury CT

The sweltering heat of summer makes a well-functioning air conditioner more than just a convenience; it's a must-have. As temperatures rise and the sun blazes without mercy, households rely heavily on their cooling systems to give a respite from the heat. However, like all complex machines, even the highest quality air conditioners are not immune to wear and tear. As time goes by, or sometimes out of the blue, unexpected malfunctions can hamper their performance, leaving you in an unpleasant situation. That's exactly where the importance of skilled air conditioner repair services comes into play. These experts ensure that your haven remains cool and comfortable, no matter the intensity of the summer outside.

At Taylor Energy, we take pride on delivering first-class air conditioner repair solutions. Our group of expertly trained technicians is equipped with the newest tools and expertise to address a wide range of AC issues – from small hiccups to severe system breakdowns. By utilizing industry-leading practices, we make certain that your AC doesn't just return to functioning but works at its peak efficiency, giving you with continuous cool comfort. Select Taylor Energy for your AC repair demands, and relish a refreshing, hassle-free summer.

Furnace Replacement Simsbury CT

The durability of a furnace, while noteworthy, isn't endless. As seasons pass, even the most robust furnaces can become more inefficient, resulting in increased energy bills and diminished consistent heating. More than just the annoyance of a chilly room, an aging furnace can present potential safety risks, making the decision to replace it a wise one.

At Taylor Energy, we specialize in furnace replacement, guaranteeing homeowners transition seamlessly from their outdated systems to contemporary, efficient heating solutions. Our seasoned team examines your home’s particular needs, recommending furnaces that not just fit your space but also suit your energy-saving goals. With the latest in furnace technology at our fingertips, we promise installations that elevate your home's warmth and comfort, readying you for several cozy winters ahead. Commit your furnace replacement to Taylor Energy, and embrace a future of dependable, efficient, and safe heating.

AC Installation  Simsbury CT

The value of a well-installed air conditioning system cannot be emphasized enough. As summer temperatures climb, a brand-new AC system provides the promise of a comfortable indoor environment, however solely when it's set up accurately and knowledge. Inadequate installation can cause inefficient cooling, higher energy consumption, and regular breakdowns.

At Taylor Energy, we offer matchless expertise to AC installation. Our committed team of technicians undergoes strict training to make sure they're abreast of the most recent techniques and technologies in the AC industry. Beyond simply installing an air conditioning unit, we make sure that it's precisely aligned with your home’s space and energy requirements. This dedication to excellence promises not just cool air, but enhanced performance and energy efficiency for the long haul. Turn to Taylor Energy for your AC installation demands and venture into a realm of serene, cool comfort.

HVAC Duct Cleaning  Simsbury CT

At Taylor Energy, we comprehend the critical role clean air has in ensuring a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. Over time, HVAC ducts amass a variety of contaminants, such as dust, pollen, mold spores, and possibly small pests. This accumulation not only lowers the efficiency of your heating and cooling system but can also negatively impact the air quality inside your home.

Our expert HVAC duct cleaning services ensure that all corner and crevice of your system is meticulously cleaned. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, our trained technicians meticulously remove gathered debris, guaranteeing optimal airflow and a noticeable improvement in indoor air quality. With regular duct cleaning from Taylor Energy, you can breathe easier knowing your system is operating at its optimal efficiency, and you're enjoying a cleaner, fresher indoor atmosphere.

By opting for HVAC duct cleaning with Taylor Energy, you're not merely optimizing your system's performance, but also securing the health and comfort of your family. Believe in our skills and commitment to excellence—choose Taylor Energy for a fresher, safer indoor environment.

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A town that beautifully melds natural landscapes with historical architecture, Simsbury sits along the Farmington River. The Talcott Mountain State Park, with its iconic Heublein Tower, provides panoramic views of the surroundings. Simsbury celebrates its deep roots with historical landmarks like the Phelps Tavern and the Simsbury Free Library.

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