Propane Tank Installation and Service in Glastonbury, Suffield, Stafford Springs, and across Northern CT

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Taylor Energy has the right propane tank for your home!

If you need a propane tank for your Northern Connecticut home, Taylor Energy is the place to go!

We sell, lease and install safe, quality propane tanks in a full range of sizes, so you can get the one that’s right for you. We also offer wireless propane tank monitoring and propane cylinder exchange and refill services.

What size propane tank should I have?

Our customers use propane in their homes in many ways. Whether you use it for home heating and several propane appliances, or just for one or two appliances, Taylor Energy’s propane experts have the know-how to make sure you have the right size propane tank for your home. Here are the tank sizes we install:

60-gallon tank. If you only use one small propane appliance, such as a clothes dryer or a fireplace, this aboveground tank will likely suffice.

120-gallon tank. This is also an aboveground tank and is large enough for two propane appliances, like a water heater and a range.

propane tank sizes connecticut

250-gallon tank. This size is ideal for homes with three or more propane appliances, such as a water heater, a range and a fireplace. It is installed aboveground.

500-gallon tank. You will need this size if you use propane to heat your home. It can also handle other propane appliances, like a water heater. We install this size tank both aboveground and underground.

1,000-gallon tank. Commercial installations are the most common scenario in which a tank of this size is used. However, it may be required in large estate homes using propane for water heating, cooking, pool and spa heating, and other high-Btu propane appliances. We install both aboveground and underground tanks in this size.

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Make life easy with affordable propane tank leasing

Taylor Energy both sells and leases propane tanks. You get several benefits by leasing your tank from us!

When you lease, you don’t need to spend much money at once on purchasing and installation. Also, you won’t have any propane tank maintenance or propane tank repair costs, because we take care of those!

Never worry about not having propane with a wireless propane tank monitor!

The vast majority of Taylor Energy propane customers use Automatic Delivery for worry-free propane delivery service.

If your usage of propane is irregular or if you’re away from home for a part of the year, our wireless propane tank monitoring is perfect for you. The monitor uses a combination of wireless and cellular technology to always keep us informed of the propane levels in your tank. Once your gauge reaches a set level, we receive a notification and make a delivery.

Do you have income property or a short-term rental? Wireless tank monitoring makes sure there’s always propane there. People who manage the propane supply for elderly parents and relatives find that wireless tank monitoring means their loved ones always have the propane they need to stay safe, warm and comfortable.

Easy, convenient propane cylinder exchange and refill

Propane cylinders are great for grilling, and more! You can use them for propane deck and patio heaters, outdoor firepits, insect traps and portable generators.

You can ensure that you always have enough propane for outdoor living by using our easy propane cylinder refill and exchange service. Just come to our offices any time during regular business hours and we’ll refill your propane cylinder or exchange it for a full one!

From Talcottville to Tariffville, Taylor Energy provides complete propane tank services so that you can enjoy propane in your home with peace of mind. Get in touch with us today to get started!