Ways to Save and Pay

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Taylor Energy helps you control your home’s energy costs!

At Taylor Energy, we know our customers because you are our neighbors. We understand that helping you best manage your home’s energy costs is at the heart of what we do.

One part of our strategy is to provide fuel options that are more environmentally friendly and energy efficient: clean-burning propane and our Bioheat Plus® Fuel, a blend made of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and up to 20% biodiesels.

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We also know that all of our customers have their own needs and preferences for how they manage energy costs. So we have a wide array of payment options you can choose from.

Service plans

The best way to protect your home’s heating, cooling and comfort equipment and keep it running at its peak energy efficiency is with regular professional maintenance. To help with that, we provide annual maintenance tune-ups in our service plans.

You are also protected from potentially big repair bills, because our service plans include discounts on parts and labor costs. You choose the plan that best meets your needs and your budget!

Heating oil and propane pricing and payment options

Being able to anticipate and plan your household expenditures makes it easier to keep to your budget. That’s why we offer pricing and payment options for heating oil and propane for you to choose from.

Fuel price spikes, especially during the winter, can be rough on your finances. Our Price Cap plan helps shield you from those spikes. Heating oil customers can also choose PreBuy, where you purchase your heating oil ahead of the heating season so that no matter what happens in the oil markets, your costs aren’t affected.

Many of our customers love our Budget Plan because of the stability it offers. Instead of your heating oil and propane costs being higher in the winter and yo-yo-ing during other parts of the year, they are spread out over 11 even, affordable monthly installments.

Rebates and financing

Purchasing new HVAC and comfort equipment is a big investment in your home and quality of life, and spending that money can make the process stressful. We help you get rebates and financing so that you can save on your new, high-efficiency equipment.


We’ll periodically offer specials on HVAC and comfort equipment, including special deals from manufacturers that can help you save money. Follow us on Facebook and check our blog regularly to stay informed!

Taylor Energy is Northern Connecticut’s leader in energy efficiency and cleaner-burning fuel. Become a customer today!

Ways To Save & Pay