3 Reasons Fleets Should Swap the Gas Station for Mobile Fuel Delivery

From the early days when the inaugural car made its presence felt on our streets, individual drivers and large-scale businesses have grown accustomed to making trips to their local fuel stations. This has been the norm for as long as most can remember. However, recent advancements in dedicated mobile fuel delivery services have begun restructuring this traditional landscape, presenting a highly convenient and efficient solution to homeowners and businesses.

Mobile fuel delivery service means fuel is delivered right to the doorsteps of homes and commercial establishments. This ensures that vehicles, machinery, and other equipment remain operational without the added hassle of unnecessary trips to the fuel station. The financial implications of fuel are a significant concern for many, often representing a substantial slice of operational or household budgets. The traditional approach meant additional miles on the road, more time spent, and, consequently, increased expenses just to fuel up. 

By opting for Taylor Energy’s streamlined delivery service, individuals and businesses can potentially reduce these overheads and experience the luxury of time saved and convenience gained.

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An Introduction to Mobile Fuel Delivery Advantages

Mobile fuel delivery, offering diesel and traditional gasoline, has emerged as a versatile solution. It caters to various needs, delivering directly to company locations, drivers’ residences, and on-site work zones.

The benefits of adopting this service are numerous. It presents an economical approach, enhancing efficiency and streamlining fuel procurement processes. Operations are simplified with no requirement for fleet fuel cards or on-site fuel storage. It also bolsters security, reducing the potential for fraudulent activity as the fuel provider assumes liability. Centralized delivery means fewer trips to gas stations, which has environmental implications by reducing emissions.

With these foundational advantages, it’s evident why mobile fuel delivery is becoming a preferred alternative to traditional fueling methods. Here are the three major reasons to switch to mobile fuel delivery services:

1. The Financial and Operational Upside of Mobile Fuel Delivery

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Between 2021 and 2022, the maintenance expenses for fleet vehicles experienced a notable hike of 10 percent. In light of such increments, pinpointing avenues to streamline the costs becomes pivotal for maintaining profitability. A strategic measure in this direction is to reduce non-essential tasks for drivers, especially when they are off their primary routes. A prime example of such a task is the routine detour to gas stations.

Breaking it down, a single visit to a gas station consumes approximately 20 minutes. An average of about 15 trips monthly translates to 5 hours monthly spent solely on refueling. Annually, that’s a whopping 60 hours per driver dedicated exclusively to this mundane task. But time isn’t the sole casualty. The vehicular wear and tear associated with these extra trips are also significant. To put this into perspective, a fleet comprising 100 vehicles could clock in an additional 20,300 miles annually, all for the simple act of refueling.

Despite the delivery charges associated with mobile fuel services, their pricing models often hold their own against traditional gas stations. The long-term financial benefits become increasingly apparent as time progresses. An added advantage is the administrative ease it brings. Instead of managing a barrage of individual receipts and payments, fleet managers receive a consolidated invoice, either monthly or annually, encapsulating all fuel-related expenses. This not only aids in streamlined budgeting but also reduces administrative overheads.

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2. Eco-Friendly Advantages of Mobile Fuel Delivery

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Though essential for transportation, gas stations have a darker side: they’re significant contributors to environmental pollution. The damage is multifaceted, ranging from on-site fuel spills to the more insidious harm caused by leaks infiltrating our water sources. The Environmental Law Institute offers a concerning statistic: for every million gallons of fuel dispensed annually at a gas station, between 70 and 100 gallons end up being spilled. As the volume increases, with some stations dispensing more than 20 million gallons, spillage can skyrocket to around 2,000 gallons.

Further complicating matters are the underground storage tanks, often constructed from steel. Over time, these tanks deteriorate. As they degrade, the chemicals within can seep out, introducing harmful contaminants into the surrounding environment.

But the environmental toll doesn’t end there. Frequent drives to these gas stations exacerbate carbon emissions. An individual fleet vehicle can accumulate an additional 400 miles annually just from these trips. And with each of these detours, nearly three and a half pounds of carbon dioxide gets released into the atmosphere.

Transitioning to mobile fuel delivery offers a remedy. By minimizing these frequent trips and curbing the associated emissions, the environmental footprint of each driver is substantially diminished. The move makes economic sense and is committed to preserving the planet for future generations.

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3. Tapping Into Sustainable Fuels Through Mobile Delivery

The transportation sector is undergoing profound shifts. While electric cars represent a pioneering change, electrifying larger vehicles like heavy trucks remains a challenge. In response, the industry is increasingly exploring sustainable alternative fuels as an interim solution to aid the decarbonization of fleets. These innovative fuels are derived from renewable sources such as municipal waste, biomass, and industrial remnants. As a result, fleets are making strides towards sustainability, achieving enhanced performance while cutting down carbon footprints.

However, a significant hurdle remains: the availability of these alternative fuels at conventional gas stations. As of January 2023, a mere fraction — less than five percent or about 5,900 out of the 145,000 gas stations across the U.S. — provided alternate fuels like ethanol, hydrogen, compressed natural gas, and biodiesel.

This is where the value proposition of mobile fuel delivery becomes apparent. Fleets can sidestep the limited availability at traditional outlets by opting for this service. They can place their trust in suppliers equipped and willing to deliver these sustainable fuel options directly, offering a viable path forward in the journey towards greener transportation.

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In Summary

Embracing mobile fuel delivery offers a trifecta of benefits: enhanced efficiency, unparalleled convenience, and a commitment to sustainability. Say goodbye to unproductive downtimes and the administrative burden of frequent gas station visits. Reduce environmental impact and lean into the promise of sustainable alternative fuels. To chart a course towards robust growth and success, the choice is clear: mobile fuel delivery is the way forward.

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