What is Fleet Fueling?

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If your business uses on-road vehicles, keeping them properly fueled can be a demanding job, between drivers going off-site and off-route to find a filling station, dealing with paperwork and receipts, and keeping track of your fleet fueling costs.

Taylor Energy makes all that easy with our onsite fleet fueling services. We provide customized onsite fueling services to a wide range of Northern Connecticut businesses.

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What does fleet fueling mean?

Fleet fueling is when your fleet of vehicles such as cars, trucks, and vans are all fueled up onsite at your business. There are options in fleet fueling. If you have an onsite filling station, you can chose to have the fuel delivered there for your employees to fill their vehicles. Many companies prefer wet hose fueling for maximum efficiency. Wet hose fueling is where the delivery driver fills up your vehicles directly from the delivery truck. Your vehicles all have full fuel tanks to start the workday.

Advantages of fleet fueling

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Taylor Energy’s fleet fueling services not only make your fleet fueling process more efficient, but also offer many other benefits to you and your business.

Improved fuel management. With Taylor Energy as your fleet fueling source, you can precisely track and monitor all the fuel used in your fleet vehicles. By understanding your fuel usage patterns and trends, you can properly plan for, anticipate, and manage your fuel budget with greater efficiency.

Greater efficiency. By using our onsite fueling, you can upgrade the productivity of your business. Your drivers don’t waste time going to off-site fueling stations and organizing and submitting receipts. You and your staff are freed from the work of managing those receipts and dealing with fuel card accounts. Your drivers can get more work done and you gain the time and freedom to concentrate on improving your business’s operations and coming up with innovative ideas for growth.

Reduced fuel theft. Employees can unfortunately abuse their fuel cards or allowances, resulting in costly and unwanted fuel theft for businesses. With fleet fueling from Taylor Energy, you can easily oversee and control where your company’s money is going for fuel expenses.

Reduced wear on vehicles. Drivers are forced to add mileage to their vehicles every time they need to go off-site or out of the way on their routes to fuel their vehicles. Each instance may not seem like a big deal, just a couple of miles. But think about how many vehicles are in your fleet, and how often your drivers are required to refuel off-site. It becomes clear how those little trips can add up, and not in a good way. The additional mileage can cause accelerated wear and tear on your vehicle’s parts, which leads to costly maintenance repairs or a shortened lifespan. But with the convenience of on-site fleet fueling options, you’ll be able to minimize these problems while optimizing your vehicles’ longevity! Click the link to contact us today or call (860) 623-3308 to schedule an appointment.

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