How Long Do Water Heaters Last?

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Making an educated decision on a water heater can drastically improve your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and budget. Water heating is the second-largest user of energy in households behind heating and cooling; accounting for nearly 20% of our energy costs! Selecting the right water heater could save you substantial amounts of money annually — so it’s worth taking some time to get informed and choose wisely.

If your water heater is reaching the end of its lifespan, reach out to Taylor Energy immediately and start planning for a replacement. Don’t wait for your water heater to break down before you replace it. Not only will you be pressed into an important decision-making process during a stressful time, but you could also have to handle the problems and expenses that come with cleaning up any water damage if the tank fails.

The most common cause of water heater failure is the corrosion that occurs on its tank due to sediment accumulation.

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Life expectancy of water heaters

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Conventional storage water heaters boasting a tank typically last between 8 and 10 years. However, life expectancy can vary depending on factors such as how well it is taken care of throughout its lifetime.
If you don’t know how old your water heater is, here’s how to find out:

Look for the water heater’s serial number. It is usually located on top of the unit. It will start with a letter followed by a series of numbers. The letter indicates the month in which it was manufactured (“A” for January, “B” for February, etc.), with the immediately following numbers being the year. So, if your water heater’s serial number starts with “J13,” the “J” is for October, and the “13” is for 2013, meaning that your water heater was manufactured in October of 2013.

Age isn’t the only factor that determines whether you need a new water heater. If your water heater is exhibiting any of these issues, it’s time to contact Taylor Energy to begin the replacement process.

  • hot water turning cold suddenly
  • an unexplainable rise in energy usage and costs
  • difficulty draining the water when you flush the water heater tank
  • water or damp spots on the floor under or around the water heater tank
  • strange noises like rumbling, banging, or scraping when the water heater is running
  • rusty water coming out of the tap when you use hot water
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Tankless water heaters: A game-changer

image of a propane water heater

With water heater replacement, you have the chance to make a savvy investment both in your home and its comfort by selecting to install a propane tankless water heater.

Investing in a propane tankless water heater is an ideal solution if you’re searching for ways to decrease your monthly energy consumption without having to compromise on comfort. Not only will it help you save big money, but by selecting this option, you are also doing your part for the planet! It’s truly a win-win situation that provides cost savings and environmental protection at once.

A conventional storage water heater with a tank is not very energy efficient, as it heats and reheats the same quantity of hot water all day and all night to ensure that you have access to hot water when needed. This method can consume an excessive amount of energy over time.

In contrast, a tankless water heater only heats up the necessary amount of water when you need it, thereby significantly reducing your energy consumption. The best part? It’ll keep supplying hot water as long as needed! Click the link to contact us today or call (860) 623-3308 to schedule an appointment.

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