Top 7 Things You Should Never Do To Your AC Unit

As summer arrives, the necessity for a reliable cooling system intensifies. Homeowners must take specific measures to keep their air conditioners running smoothly. For budget-conscious homeowners, DIY methods can offer a cost-effective way to manage home maintenance. However, when it comes to tasks requiring specific expertise, entrusting professionals is often the safer option, avoiding the pitfalls of inexperience. Hence, DIY air conditioner maintenance is not recommended.

Tinkering with essential home appliances, especially the AC unit, should never involve guesswork. The risks of experimenting without certainty of the outcomes are too high, particularly when the safety and well-being of your family could be compromised.

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Seven Missteps to Avoid with Your Home Air Conditioning Unit

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HVAC experts, like Taylor Energy, emphasize that meticulous care of your system can avert numerous costly issues. Heeding the guidance of certified air conditioning technicians is key. It’s crucial to adhere to specific recommendations to maintain consistent efficiency and comfort, forming a list of dos and don’ts for optimal air conditioning maintenance.

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In the following section, we explore key considerations for the preventive maintenance of your air conditioner.

1. Always Remember to Inspect and Replace the Air Filter

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A key advantage of your air conditioning system is its capability to purify your indoor environment by removing dust and other pollutants. However, the air filters in your HVAC system won’t self-clean or self-replace. Overlooking the necessity to inspect and replace these filters can lead to decreased efficiency of your air conditioning and a reduction in indoor comfort.

It’s recommended to check your air filters monthly and replace them at least once every two to three months or more often if you have pets. If you need help replacing the air filter, feel free to ask your HVAC technician for a demonstration during your next air conditioner maintenance visit.

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2. Avoid Obstructing the AC Condenser

The external condenser of your air conditioning system requires ample space to facilitate air intake. It’s crucial to avoid placing items or objects close to the outdoor unit. Maintaining a precise vicinity around the unit ensures maximum airflow and enhances cost efficiency. While landscaping around the unit might be appealing, it’s advisable to plant any flowers, bushes, or vegetables at a safe distance. Ensuring unobstructed air circulation is vital to extending the lifespan of your condenser.

3. Don’t Leave Your Air Conditioner Inactive

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Turning off your air conditioning unit for extended periods may seem beneficial, especially during cooler days. Yet, the health of your cooling system needs to remain operational periodically. Even when outdoor temperatures are moderate, it’s wise to activate your air conditioner for a few minutes daily. This practice helps prevent the accumulation of dust and mold within the system, ensuring it runs smoothly.

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4. Resist Overworking Your Air Conditioning Unit

Constant operation of your air conditioner could indicate that you’re facing extreme temperatures or that the thermostat is set lower than necessary. It’s natural for there to be occasions when your system needs to work overtime to combat heat. However, it’s advisable to manage the thermostat setting judiciously, aiming for the highest comfortable temperature to minimize energy use and strain on the system. Embrace the cooler night and early morning temperatures to give your air conditioning unit a much-needed pause. Continuous operation strains components, increasing the likelihood of premature failure.

5. Avoid Power Washing Your AC Unit

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Properly cleaning your air conditioner is crucial for its maintenance, but it’s essential to steer clear of methods like power washing or immersing the unit in water. Instead, gently remove leaves and exterior debris with a brush and wipe down the unit’s outside parts. This method ensures you don’t damage sensitive components with excessive force.

For a more thorough cleaning that goes beyond the surface, it’s wise to enlist the services of qualified HVAC professionals. These experts have the right tools and knowledge to clean your system safely and effectively. If your unit requires more extensive maintenance, it’s best to schedule a professional tune-up promptly.

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6. Ensure Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Scheduling annual tune-ups for your air conditioner prevents minor issues from escalating into more extensive and costly problems. Forgoing regular inspections and maintenance increases the risk of breakdowns, reduces efficiency, and increases repair costs. A professional HVAC team can thoroughly inspect and maintain your system, safeguarding against inconvenient failures during peak cooling needs. Regular tune-ups not only help reduce energy expenses but also extend the lifespan of your unit. If you have yet to book a maintenance check, now is the perfect opportunity to do so.

7. Steer Clear of DIY Repairs on Your Air Conditioner

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Without the proper training and experience, tackling maintenance and repairs on an air conditioning system can lead to more harm than good. Even minor errors can result in significantly higher costs than if professional technicians were engaged from the start. It’s crucial to rely on certified HVAC experts for installations, maintenance, or repairs. Ensure you choose the right team by researching their references, reviews, licensing, and insurance. Qualified professionals have the specialized training and education needed to deliver high-quality work on one of your home’s most critical systems.

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The rise in temperatures during the warm summer underscores the necessity of a dependable air conditioning system at home. Maintaining a clean filter, ensuring the system operates and rests appropriately, avoiding obstructing the condenser, exercising caution during cleaning, and remembering to book annual tune-ups are essential.

Above all, the best way to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your home’s cooling system is by entrusting its care to the skilled and certified HVAC professionals in your area. Their expertise and services are invaluable in keeping your living space comfortable and safe.

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