Should I Run My Own Gas Piping?

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You can find all sorts of do-it-yourself content online these days, whether it’s showing how to paint kitchen cabinets, install tile, build a deck, or other kinds of home improvement projects.

While these videos, especially the short social media ones that go from start to finish in less than 20 seconds, can be inspiring you to tackle projects in your Northern Connecticut home, there are some jobs that are best left to the professionals.

One of those jobs is running gas piping in your home. Fortunately, you have the experts at Taylor Energy here to do the job for you! Our team of gas service technicians are trained and experienced, as well as certified to install all both propane and natural gas lines that meet local and state codes. You can be assured that your home’s gas lines will be installed safely and properly.

If you are using propane in your home, we are your one-stop shop! We offer propane tanks in a wide range of sizes, so you get the one that fits your needs. Our affordable propane tank leasing makes it easy to have a propane tank, and, with our reliable propane delivery services, you can be assured you’ll always have the propane you need.

Taylor Energy also provides professional installation and service for gas-fired appliances including furnaces, boilers, water heaters, grills, and firepits.

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Why gas line installation is not a DIY project

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Do you know what state and local regulations are for gas line installation? Odds are your town requires that they be done by a professional.

Experienced gas line installers stay up to date with the latest safety codes and technology to guarantee work that meets or exceeds municipal requirements. Whether installing lines in a busy downtown or on a quiet country road, certified technicians have the knowledge and skills to ensure gas lines are installed properly and safely. Daily work with gas lines means installers are intimately familiar with the most current safety practices and local codes to perform the job accurately.

Permits are another consideration. If you need to install a gas line, you will likely need a permit and inspection from the town. In case your town demands a permit for a certain job, only a professional can obtain the permit and request for an inspection. Besides, if your town requires a permit, but you decide to do the work without one, they might charge you double or even demand that a professional removes and reinstalls the gas line. So much for all that money you thought you were going to save.

While installing gas pipes may seem like a straightforward job, gas fitters pay high insurance premiums for legitimate reasons. If you plan to install a gas line yourself, it is important to consider whether your homeowner’s insurance covers any damages that may result from your work. They likely won’t, so why risk it? Instead, click the link to contact us today or call (860) 623-3308 to schedule an appointment.

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You can trust Taylor Energy with safe, expert gas line installation along with installation and service of gas appliances. Contact us today for more information.

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