Is Installing a Fuel Tank Hard?

When you hire pros for your propane or heating oil tank installation, the process is a breeze!

Whether you heat your home and water with oil or propane, you have peace of mind knowing that you control your fuel supply. Your home’s comfort is not reliant on a utility with fragile, poorly maintained infrastructure. An onsite tank ensures that you always have a steady supply of fuel.

And both propane and heating oil tanks are built for the long haul. Oil tanks last for 15 years or more, and a stationary propane tank can last more than 30 years!

When it’s time to replace an aging fuel tank — or change to a larger one because of increased usage — the process can be complex. Luckily, Taylor Energy’s team of licensed, experienced technicians can handle the process cleanly, quickly and with minimal disruption to your daily life.

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It’s always better to have a professional install your fuel tank.

You can DIY many home improvement projects. Changing a lighting fixture or putting up new wallpaper can be challenging and require a few online tutorials, but you can typically handle it yourself.

Installing a fuel tank is another matter altogether. The technicians at Taylor Energy undergo rigorous training to become licensed. The reason for this level of training is safety. If you attempt to install your own propane tank, you might end up with a dangerous gas leak. By the same token, installing and connecting an oil tank (not to mention disposing of an old one) can result in an oil spill that costs a lot of money to remedy.

Using an oil and gas professional will ensure that your tank goes in safely and that your home systems and appliances get back online fast.

Heating oil tank installation services

At Taylor Energy, we proudly sell and install top-of-the-line heating oil tanks. Many have double-wall construction and safety features that render them virtually leak-proof. We can install your tank promptly and connect it to your heating and hot water systems.

We’ll transfer over any unused oil, dismantle the old tank and dispose of it in accordance with all local and state codes.

Have an old underground oil tank? We can remove and dispose of that too!

Stationary propane tank installation services

We sell, lease and install home propane tanks in various sizes. Our team can help you determine the best propane storage option for your needs. And when you lease a propane tank with us, we will handle the installation, maintenance and any repairs for you. If your propane needs increase because of an addition to your home or some new gas-fired amenities, we will happily swap out your tank for a larger one.

Taylor Energy is Northern Connecticut’s trusted heating fuel partner!

Numerous households across Hartford and Tolland Counties turn to Taylor Energy for fuel tank installations. Not only do we carry a wide selection of products, but we also have the most dependable team in the region. We’ll remove your old storage tank and install your new one quickly and safely.

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