What Size Should My Propane Tank Be?

image of propane tank depicting propane tank sizes

Propane is a top choice for home heating due to its efficiency, cost savings, and reduced environmental impact. Unlike natural gas, which depends on external supply lines, propane is stored in on-site tanks, ensuring uninterrupted access. The main consideration for homeowners is choosing the right propane tank size to meet their needs.

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Questions To Ask When Choosing A Propane Company

image of clock with time for questions depicting questions for propane companies

Dissatisfied with your propane provider due to late deliveries, hidden fees, or poor service? You deserve better. Choose Taylor Energy. We prioritize your needs, offering exceptional service to Northcentral CT and southern MA. For us, timely deliveries, transparent pricing, and clear communication are standard. With Taylor Energy, you’re valued, not just another number.

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How Much Propane Do You Have Left?

image of a home propane tank depicting how much propane do i have left

Checking the fuel level of your home propane tank or grill cylinder. Our customers in East Windsor, Hartland, Simsbury and other places in Northern Connecticut appreciate the reliability of propane. Whether it’s heating up water for a shower or the grill in your backyard, propane provides dependable, efficient power. Your onsite propane tank or portable…

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Is Installing a Fuel Tank Hard?

image of a home propane fuel tank

When you hire pros for your propane or heating oil tank installation, the process is a breeze! Whether you heat your home and water with oil or propane, you have peace of mind knowing that you control your fuel supply. Your home’s comfort is not reliant on a utility with fragile, poorly maintained infrastructure. An…

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How Does A Fuel Tank Monitor Work?

image of smart home control from hotel room and home fuel tank monitoring

Taylor Energy gives you peace of mind about your propane or heating oil supply! Life can be pretty busy. Between work, family, and other activities like volunteering or hobbies, sometimes important tasks can slip through the cracks. Forgetting to check your heating oil or propane tank levels so you can order more fuel from Taylor…

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Propane For Your Outdoor Living Space

image of the word benefits depicting benefits of propane gas for outdoor appliances

Taylor Energy can help make your outdoors great! There’s no place quite like Connecticut during warm weather. From the green rolling hills to the sparkling rivers and lakes, it’s beautiful to be outside. It’s also great to be outside in our own backyards, whether we’re unwinding after a long day, dining al fresco, or having…

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What is Propane Made Of?

image of a propane gas stove

Your efficient, environmentally-friendly home energy source When looking for a reliable and affordable source of energy for your home in Northern Connecticut, look no further than propane. Not only is it efficient and versatile but its environmental benefits make choosing propane an easy decision! With fewer emissions from burning, you’ll be doing the environment a…

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How Long Do Water Heaters Last?

image of a water heater and hydronic heating system

Get comfort and energy efficiency with Taylor Energy! Making an educated decision on a water heater can drastically improve your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and budget. Water heating is the second-largest user of energy in households behind heating and cooling; accounting for nearly 20% of our energy costs! Selecting the right water heater could save…

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How to Make Propane Tanks Work With Your Yard

image of top tips depicting top tips for concealing residential propane tanks

Put safety first when trying to minimize the look of your propane tank Having propane in your home offers a lot of advantages, from high-efficiency heating and water heating to the fun of cooking on a propane gas range. With reliable propane delivery and affordable propane tank leasing from Taylor Energy, you can enjoy all…

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