Propane Use In The Summer: What’s Normal?

summer backyard barbecue with friends

Homes rely on propane for heating due to its efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Beyond winter, propane is vital for summer activities like outdoor gatherings and hobbies. Stocking up on propane ensures an uninterrupted supply for appliances like water heaters and grills. Automatic delivery services offer convenience and reliability for maintaining propane reserves year-round.

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Choosing Propane Delivery: Automatic vs. Will-Call – Which Suits Your Needs?

homeowner making decisions depicting automatic vs will-call propane fuel delivery

Propane is vital for heating and cooking in many homes. Managing your propane supply is essential to avoid running out when you need it most. You can choose between automatic and will-call propane deliveries. Automatic delivery lets the provider monitor and refill your propane, while will-call requires self-monitoring. This article explores these options in detail.

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Why Is Propane Environmentally Friendly?

environmental concept depicting is propane environmentally friendly

National efforts toward environmental conservation are inspiring individuals to act. Choosing eco-friendly energy sources like propane is crucial. This article explores the critical question, “Is propane environmentally friendly?”, guiding those committed to sustainable living in making informed energy choices for their homes. Click through to read about why propane is environmentally friendly.

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Propane Fireplaces: Five Great Benefits

image of a propane fireplace after a propane fireplace installation

For cozy winter evenings, adding a fireplace to your home offers warmth and ambiance, perfect for family gatherings. Many tend to choose between the classic charm of wood-burning fireplaces or the modern efficiency of propane fireplace alternatives. This article explores the benefits of propane fireplaces, highlighting their suitability for your home.

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Is There A Risk Of My Propane Freezing?

image of propane tank in snow depicting does propane freeze

Homeowners often wonder about propane freezing in cold weather. Propane is a popular heating choice for its eco-friendliness and lower emissions. It’s especially useful in remote or areas with limited energy options. This article addresses whether propane freezes, outlines potential issues, and gives tips for a hassle-free propane experience in the winter season.

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9 Reasons To Choose Propane Vs Electricity In Your Home

image of scale depicting propane vs electrical energy

The urgency to address climate change has amplified the focus on clean energy, with electrification often highlighted as a primary solution. Yet, the high cost of fully transitioning to electric systems limits accessibility, presenting financial challenges for many. This discussion explores propane as an affordable and effective alternative for clean energy.

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What Size Should My Propane Tank Be?

image of propane tank depicting propane tank sizes

Propane is a top choice for home heating due to its efficiency, cost savings, and reduced environmental impact. Unlike natural gas, which depends on external supply lines, propane is stored in on-site tanks, ensuring uninterrupted access. The main consideration for homeowners is choosing the right propane tank size to meet their needs.

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Questions To Ask When Choosing A Propane Company

image of clock with time for questions depicting questions for propane companies

Dissatisfied with your propane provider due to late deliveries, hidden fees, or poor service? You deserve better. Choose Taylor Energy. We prioritize your needs, offering exceptional service to Northcentral CT and southern MA. For us, timely deliveries, transparent pricing, and clear communication are standard. With Taylor Energy, you’re valued, not just another number.

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How Much Propane Do You Have Left?

image of a home propane tank depicting how much propane do i have left

Checking the fuel level of your home propane tank or grill cylinder. Our customers in East Windsor, Hartland, Simsbury and other places in Northern Connecticut appreciate the reliability of propane. Whether it’s heating up water for a shower or the grill in your backyard, propane provides dependable, efficient power. Your onsite propane tank or portable…

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Is Installing a Fuel Tank Hard?

image of a home propane fuel tank

When you hire pros for your propane or heating oil tank installation, the process is a breeze! Whether you heat your home and water with oil or propane, you have peace of mind knowing that you control your fuel supply. Your home’s comfort is not reliant on a utility with fragile, poorly maintained infrastructure. An…

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