What is Propane Made Of?

Your efficient, environmentally-friendly home energy source

When looking for a reliable and affordable source of energy for your home in Northern Connecticut, look no further than propane. Not only is it efficient and versatile but its environmental benefits make choosing propane an easy decision! With fewer emissions from burning, you’ll be doing the environment a favor while keeping your home comfortable with ease.

Don’t be daunted by propane if you’re not too familiar with it. We have gathered an array of beneficial information to expand your proficiency and understanding!

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What is propane?

Propane’s full name is liquified petroleum gas (LPG). The chemical formula for propane is C₃H₈.
In 1864, Edmund Ronalds—a renowned British scholar and industrial chemist—made the groundbreaking discovery of propane while exploring chemicals found in crude oil sourced from Pennsylvania.
In 1910, Walter O. Snelling made a remarkable discovery while carrying out research on the evaporation of gasoline for the United States Bureau of Mines in Pittsburgh. He found that several evaporating gases in gasoline could be transformed into liquids, including propane.

After conducting research, Snelling discovered that propane was the predominant gas. Consequently, he came up with a way to bottle liquid propane gas, creating the propane industry. Three years later, Frank Phillips of Phillips Petroleum acquired his patent for $50,000, which would equate to approximately $1.4 million in today’s money!

Propane, as it does not have a distinguishable smell, needs to be treated with an additive in order to make leaks more easily identified. For this purpose, the most effective choice is ethyl mercaptan – due its unmistakable scent of rotten eggs that will alert people of any propane leakage right away.

If you notice that rotten-egg smell in your home, follow these propane safety best practices:

  • Have everyone evacuate the house immediately and go to a secure site. Don’t linger inside or try to trace the source of the leak.
  • Should you be able to safely access it, make sure that your propane tank’s supply valve is turned off.
  • Call 911 and Taylor Energy once you are a safe distance away.
  • Do not return to the house until our service technician or first responders give an affirmative signal that it is safe to come back.
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Where does propane come from?

The production of shale gas has allowed for the increased production of propane in both Canada and the U.S., as it is primarily derived from natural gas processing by-products. During the process of refining natural gas, a multitude of gases are extracted including propane, butane, methane, and ethane.

A vast majority of our nation’s propane supply, a whopping 70%, comes from natural gas processing while the remainder is derived through crude oil refining.

Propane is shipped in a variety of ways, from pipelines and tankers to trains and trucks. Once it reaches the bulk propane distribution centers, this fuel source is disbursed to local vendors like Taylor Energy for further transport.

In Hartford and Tolland counties, Taylor Energy the go-to source for propane delivery services that you can rely on. We provide Automatic Delivery and offer wireless propane tank monitoring, so you don’t have to worry about running out of propane. Our team is experienced in installing and leasing propane tanks, as well as servicing propane appliances too! Rest assured knowing your home has access to a secure, dependable resource with us.

Is propane environmentally friendly?

image of hands and plants depicting environmentally friendly propane gas

Propane stands out as an efficient and eco-friendly source of energy, so much that it has been acknowledged by the Clean Air Act (1990) and National Energy Policy (1992). As compared to natural gas, propane is even cleaner burning since it does not create methane emissions. Propane does not negatively impact air, soil, water, or any of its surrounding life forms in the unlikely event of a leak.

Propane is not only a cleaner energy source, but it is also incredibly efficient. Modern propane appliances and heating systems achieve 95% or higher ratings in terms of their efficiency, providing you with comfort and convenience while still shrinking your home’s carbon footprint. Click the link to contact us today or call (860) 623-3308 to schedule an appointment.

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