Propane For Your Outdoor Living Space

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There’s no place quite like Connecticut during warm weather. From the green rolling hills to the sparkling rivers and lakes, it’s beautiful to be outside.

It’s also great to be outside in our own backyards, whether we’re unwinding after a long day, dining al fresco, or having friends and family over for a cookout.

Propane can make all those backyard activities better, while enhancing the quality of life at your home and your home’s value. With reliable propane delivery, propane tank installation, and propane outdoor appliance installation and service from Taylor Energy, you can enjoy all that propane has to offer for your outdoor fun!

We not only install propane outdoor appliances, but we can run gas lines to your home’s propane tank so you can enjoy them any time.

Here are some of the ways propane makes your back yard a destination for fun and relaxing.

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Enjoy easy, delicious grilling

image of an outdoor kitchen depicting propane use in the summer season

Fire up the family fun with a BBQ grill installed by Taylor Energy! Propane grills provide you with an effortless and efficient way to cook, without all of the mess and fuss associated with charcoal grilling. Whether you need to whip something together quickly for weeknight dinners or are looking forward to hosting an epic pool party, propane grills can do it!

Take a dip

Propane pool and spa heaters get your water comfortably warm dramatically faster than electric models, saving you big on energy costs and letting you enjoy your pool or spa tub more.

Light it up

If you’re looking to bring a classic, cozy aesthetic to your outdoor space, then look no further than gas lighting! With decorative propane-powered options that can be tailored to any home style, from rustic cottages to Victorian mansions, you’ll enjoy the timeless radiance of these lights both in your front yard and back yard.

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Come together

Invite your family and friends to gather around the comfortable, cozy ambiance of a propane fireplace or firepit. After a tiring day, rest in front of one for some peaceful relaxation. With propane patio heaters and deck heaters you can still enjoy being outdoors despite the chill in the air!

Say “Buh-bye” to bugs

Undoubtedly, hanging out in your back yard can be a great time. The only thing that could make it better? Not having to deal with pesky mosquitos! Thankfully, propane-powered mosquito traps are here to save the day by luring in and trapping those little bloodsuckers.

Propane cylinder safety tips

Using propane cylinders for your grill, firepit, and other outdoor appliances is easy and convenient, especially with the cylinder exchange and refill service Taylor Energy offers! Come to our office at 152 Broad Brook Road in Broad Brook during our regular business hours and we’ll either refill your cylinder or exchange it for a new, full one.

However, there are some important safety best practices when it comes to using and transporting propane cylinders.

  • Propane cylinders should never be kept inside any type of enclosed area; this includes garages, sheds, carports, and sunporches.
  • Store propane cylinders in a shaded outdoor area that is dry and off the ground, preferably on an elevated surface. Keeping cylinders on the ground could lead them to rust.
  • Propane cylinders should be kept far away from any sources of fire or sparks, including your grill.
  • To ensure that your propane cylinders remain safe, always keep them upright when you bring them for a refill. Even if it appears to be empty, there may still be enough gas left inside that could cause a leak if the cylinder happens to lie on its side. Additionally, don’t leave any of these cylinders in your car for an extended period of time, especially during warm weather, and make us your last stop before heading home when you are running errands.

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