Propane Use In The Summer: What’s Normal?

Homes rely on various energy sources to maintain their heating requirements, and propane stands out as a top choice. This preference stems from propane’s impressive efficiency, its commendable safety track record, and the cost-effectiveness of propane fuel. 

However, propane use extends beyond the winter months. The need for propane remains as the climate warms and the landscape sheds its snowy cloak. Homeowners often require this fuel for a host of summertime domestic activities. These activities range from hosting gatherings with loved ones to indulging in outdoor hobbies. 

The following article will explore why stocking up on propane is wise for the summer months. Additionally, we’ll highlight the advantages of opting for an automatic propane fuel delivery service.

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Ensuring an Uninterrupted Propane Supply

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The summer sun’s warmth might allow a break for your furnace or boiler, but the need for propane in your home doesn’t cease. It powers essential appliances like water heaters, pool heaters, gas ranges, clothes dryers, and built-in grills. It’s crucial to ensure your propane stock meets your family’s needs, particularly in summer. 

Hosting parties or accommodating long-term guests can increase propane use. Hence, a sufficient propane reserve is crucial. A propane shortage can lead to considerable disruption in daily household tasks and discomfort for your family. To avoid these issues, securing a continuous propane supply.

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Estimating Propane Use for Appliances

Accurately gauging your propane use needs requires understanding the consumption rates of your appliances. Here are the average figures of propane use for common propane-powered appliances:

  • Gas Range: Consumes around 65,000 BTU per hour, typically using 5 to 10 gallons per month.
  • Gas Dryer: Using about 35,000 BTU per hour, it usually consumes less than 1 gallon daily.
  • Tankless Water Heater: They operate at 40,000 BTU per hour; the average consumption is about 1.5 gallons daily.
  • Pool Heater: For heating 21,000 gallons of water, it uses approximately 4 gallons per hour.
  • Built-in Propane Grill: Using 4 burners on medium consumes roughly 0.75 gallons per hour.

Remember to adjust these figures according to your appliances’ specific features and frequency of use. Also, be aware of your propane tank’s exact capacity to plan your refills accurately.

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Reasons to Procure Propane in Summer

Here are several reasons to purchase propane in the summer:

Lower Summer Propane Prices

Propane delivery companies prefer not to have their stocks linger in storage for extended periods. Consequently, they often reduce fuel prices during summer to encourage customers to buy more. This tactic helps them clear out current inventory, making room for the upcoming fall and winter supplies. 

Taking advantage of these lower prices is beneficial for consumers. It allows for extensive propane use for cooking, enabling the hosting of numerous feasts without significantly worrying about fuel costs. Furthermore, it’s an opportune time to increase the washing and drying of various household items like clothes, curtains, bed sheets, blankets, and tablecloths.

Minimizing Propane Delivery Expenses

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Another factor contributing to reduced propane costs in summer is the efficiency of deliveries. Delivery companies can operate more smoothly without the challenges of icy roads and adverse weather conditions. The absence of these winter obstacles allows for a more consistent schedule, enabling them to serve more customers efficiently. 

Travel from their depots to various homes is quicker, thanks to dry roads and less need for cautious driving. These savings in delivery operations often translate to lower costs for customers. Stock up on propane during the summer months to capitalize on these benefits.

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Avoid Propane Demand Surges

While propane is produced year-round, facility capacities constrict its production and storage. During colder months, increased demand often leads to higher prices. 

You can avoid these seasonal price spikes by stocking up on propane when demand is lower, like in the summer. This proactive approach ensures ample supply and allows you to extend your propane reserves into the fall or even winter.

Benefits of Automatic Propane Delivery

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In propane delivery, you have the choice between will-call and automatic services. Will-call propane delivery means you must call for each refill, while automatic propane delivery is effortless. 

The provider calculates the ideal delivery schedule based on your propane use, weather patterns, and other consumption factors. Choosing automatic delivery offers distinct advantages, such as:

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Securing a Fixed Propane Rate

Much like other commodities, propane prices are subject to market fluctuations. What may be low today could escalate in the future. 

Enrolling in an automatic delivery program can secure a fixed propane rate throughout your contract. This stability in pricing simplifies budgeting, making your financial planning more predictable and manageable.

Reducing Fuel Delivery Worries

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With automatic propane delivery, concerns about running low on fuel are significantly alleviated. The scheduled deliveries ensure that propane is replenished before you run out, eliminating the need for constant tank monitoring with your propane use. This service allows you to redirect your focus to other important aspects of your life, trusting that your propane supply is managed efficiently and reliably.

Accessing HVAC Service Discounts

Many propane delivery companies offer value-added services, including special HVAC maintenance or repair deals, especially for their delivery subscribers. These bundled services often come at a discounted rate. Inquire with your local provider to understand their specific services and how you can benefit from these combined service packages.

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Depend on Professional Expertise

While rough estimates of propane use can be helpful, they often lack precision. They may overlook critical aspects like your appliances’ age, condition, efficiency, and varying weather conditions. Relying on experts, such as those from a propane delivery service, ensures a more accurate assessment of your propane needs. 

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Summer presents the perfect opportunity to reconnect with friends and relish your outdoor spaces. Having enough propane for all your activities is crucial to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment. Capitalize on the lower summer propane prices to achieve significant savings. 

Opting for a dependable propane delivery company that provides automatic refill services can offer you peace of mind, ensuring you’re well-stocked for the season.

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