9 Reasons To Choose Propane Vs Electricity In Your Home

In today’s world, the call for clean energy solutions resonates louder than ever, driven by the urgent need to combat carbon emissions and safeguard our environment. The imperative to address the climate crisis for the well-being of future generations is undeniable. Amidst this crucial conversation surrounding clean energy, electrification has garnered significant attention in the media. However, it’s essential to recognize that electrification may not be the one-size-fits-all solution it’s often portrayed to be.

The conversion to an all-electric system comes with a staggering price tag, making it accessible only to those with substantial financial resources. For many, this significant cost presents a formidable obstacle. In this article, we delve into the advantages of propane as a viable clean energy option, shedding light on its numerous benefits. Keep reading to explore propane vs electricity.

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Is Propane Truly Environmentally Friendly?

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Propane stands out as an environmentally friendlier option than many fossil fuels, offering substantial benefits over electricity for heating, cooking, and other home needs. Using propane can cut a home’s carbon emissions by up to 30%, and when fully utilized for multiple purposes, this reduction can reach up to 50% compared to an all-electric household.

As the propane industry progresses towards renewable sources, it embraces a sustainable approach by producing renewable propane from byproducts like agricultural waste and cooking oil, complementing biodiesel production. For those for whom electric solutions are financially out of reach, biomass offers an affordable and clean alternative, supporting eco-friendly initiatives while keeping costs manageable.

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Propane-Powered Appliances: Efficiency & Environmental Benefits

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Propane appliances excel in efficiency and eco-friendliness, outclassing electric models in carbon footprint and performance.

A propane water heater supplies hot water twice as fast as electric ones, and propane clothes dryers dry clothes four times quicker. Propane space heaters are also more efficient than electric ones, offering substantial environmental and cost savings. When comparing propane vs electricity, propane certainly stands out as the more viable option.

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Propane: A Safe and Responsible Choice

Beyond efficiency, choosing propane offers you the peace of mind that comes with a safe and responsible energy source. Propane is non-toxic, ensuring that your usage remains worry-free. There is no environmental threat in the rare event of a propane leak. Propane poses no harm to the air we breathe, the soil beneath our feet, the water that sustains us, the flora that adorns our surroundings, or the aquatic life that inhabits our waterways.

Additional Propane Insights: A Truly Green Choice

Here are some noteworthy facts that underscore why propane stands out as an environmentally conscious option:

  • Propane’s Legal Recognition: Propane takes pride in being the sole alternative fuel explicitly acknowledged in the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy Act. This recognition underscores its pivotal role in fostering a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape.
  • Simplicity and Purity: Propane claims to be our planet’s lightest and simplest hydrocarbon. This inherent simplicity contributes to its clean-burning properties, making it a key player in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Minimal Greenhouse Gas Emissions: As one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels, propane virtually eliminates greenhouse gas production when compared to other conventional fuels. This characteristic aligns seamlessly with the imperative to combat climate change.
  • Domestic Production: Approximately 90% of America’s propane supply is sourced domestically or from our neighbor, Canada. This translates to a significantly reduced carbon footprint associated with its transportation, especially when contrasted with fuels that must be imported from overseas. Furthermore, propane’s price and availability remain stable, unaffected by international variables, ensuring a reliable and cost-effective energy source for consumers.

Challenges in the Electrification Movement: The Hidden Costs

While electricity is frequently lauded as an environmentally friendly option, it’s essential to acknowledge its limitations and hidden costs when comparing propane vs electricity. Let’s explore some of the drawbacks associated with the electrification movement.

  • Carbon Footprint of Electricity Generation: Coal dependence of electricity makes it a top greenhouse gas emitter, challenging its clean image.
  • Efficiency Considerations: Propane’s 87% efficiency rate far exceeds electricity’s 32%, highlighting the high resource cost of electric power production.

Challenges in the Full Electrification Scenario

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When we contemplate a complete transition to electrify everything, several significant challenges emerge:

  • Shifting from Oil and Propane to Electricity: Connecticut’s electric power, largely generated by burning natural gas, might not reduce the state’s carbon footprint as hoped due to methane’s high impact on global warming and energy lost during transmission.
  • Strain on the Energy Grid: The energy grid’s current vulnerability, particularly during summer peaks, raises doubts about its capacity to handle additional winter load from fully electrified heating systems.
  • Cold Weather Efficiency: Propane and oil systems outperform electric heat pumps in freezing temperatures, which lose efficiency and struggle to provide adequate warmth.
  • Cost Considerations: Switching to electric heat pumps, with installation costs averaging over $20,000, is financially daunting compared to replacing oil- and propane-fired systems.
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Nine Compelling Reasons to Choose Propane in Your Home

While electricity may capture the spotlight, there are numerous compelling reasons to consider propane as your preferred energy source at home. Here are nine remarkable benefits that make propane a standout choice over electricity:


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Propane-powered appliances are renowned for their exceptional efficiency, resulting in substantial cost savings. The U.S. Department of Energy states that choosing a propane water heater over an electric one can yield annual savings of $174. Propane water heaters consistently prove to be 30%-50% cheaper to operate than their electric counterparts.


Propane’s versatility extends well beyond home heating. It powers various appliances, from ovens and clothes dryers to water heaters. It’s also perfect for outdoor use with grills, pool heaters, patio heaters, fire pits, and lighting.

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Dependable in All Conditions

When the electric grid falters due to extreme weather or other issues, propane remains a reliable energy source, ensuring your home stays comfortable and functional.

Effortless Storage

Propane doesn’t degrade over time, and its tanks require minimal maintenance. You can safely store propane for up to 40 years, making it a convenient and long-lasting choice.

Propane Delivered to Your Door

In certain areas, accessing the electric grid can be costly. That’s where Taylor Energy steps in, providing dependable propane delivery across Northern CT. Regardless of the weather or market conditions, you can count on us to ensure a continuous supply of propane to meet your needs.

Speed and Efficiency With Propane

When using propane, you receive the champion of efficiency in household tasks:

  • Propane water heaters excel at swiftly heating water, producing double the hot water volume at the same time as electric heaters do.
  • Propane clothes dryers operate 25% faster than their electric counterparts, reducing drying time and minimizing static.
  • Propane space heaters outperform electric ones in efficiency, ensuring rapid and consistent warmth.
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Propane Is An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Propane water heaters are a greener option, producing about half the carbon emissions of electric water heaters with storage tanks. This is significant, given that a substantial portion of our electricity is generated by coal-burning power plants, making electricity the second-largest greenhouse gas source in the United States, trailing only transportation.

Heating System Durability

Propane systems stand the test of time, with propane gas furnaces boasting an impressive average lifespan of 20 years, outlasting their electric heat pump counterparts by six years.

Propane: The Efficiency Advantage

Propane’s efficiency is evident in its energy equivalence: It takes a substantial 27-kilowatt hours of electricity to match the energy output of burning just one gallon of propane.

With these compelling reasons to choose propane for your home, rest assured that Taylor Energy is here to cater to all your propane needs.

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