Choosing Propane Delivery: Automatic vs. Will-Call – Which Suits Your Needs?

Propane serves essential household purposes, such as heating and cooking. Managing your propane supply is akin to refilling your car’s gas tank, ensuring you don’t run out unexpectedly. Two options are available: automatic vs will call propane delivery. Automatic delivery involves a provider monitoring and refilling your propane, while will-call requires self-monitoring and initiating deliveries. Your choice should suit your needs and lifestyle. This article explores the details of automatic vs. will-call propane delivery.

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Automatic vs Will-Call Propane Delivery: Key Factors to Weigh

Keep reading to understand the distinct characteristics of these propane delivery methods.

How Automatic Propane Delivery Works

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Opting for automatic delivery means you simply enroll, handle the payments, and put aside any concerns about your propane tank’s status. Your propane supplier maintains a comprehensive record of each household’s propane consumption history and local climatic trends. This data, fused with ongoing weather conditions, enables them to predict the timing and quantity of propane required for each residence precisely.

Customization options differ across companies, encompassing features like delivery personnel providing advance calls or verifying someone’s presence at home. Certain companies also offer assurances of extra propane delivery when necessary, without additional costs. Upon registration, your residence is seamlessly integrated into your propane supplier’s delivery itinerary. This guarantees a consistently full propane tank, eliminating the risk of depletion. Automatic delivery is particularly suitable for those utilizing propane for heating and hot water, individuals with hectic lifestyles, and owners of rental or vacation properties.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Propane Delivery

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Automatic deliveries provide a hassle-free solution, ensuring you’re constantly at ease regarding your propane supply. There’s no need to brave adverse weather to check tank levels, make additional calls, or stress over potential shortages. Customers enrolled in automatic deliveries receive priority service, especially during peak demand times. Some plans also include HVAC services, a boon for those with older heating units requiring regular professional upkeep.

The main challenge with automatic deliveries involves trusting a provider that might not perfectly align with your specific needs. Customers often have to adapt to the delivery schedules provided. Moreover, if there are significant changes in your home environment, like a new addition or increased heating needs, it’s crucial to inform your propane provider promptly. Failure to do so may lead to inaccurate delivery scheduling, risking a shortage. Also, considering that some plans bundle HVAC services, this option may not be cost-effective for those who prefer not to incur extra expenses for services they don’t need.

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Financial Aspects of Choosing Automatic Propane Delivery

Committing to an automatic propane delivery plan might entail a higher upfront cost, as some providers bill annually. However, this approach can lead to substantial savings over time. The primary advantage is the elimination of risks associated with running out of propane, which often incurs additional fees. By maintaining a consistent supply, these costs are effectively avoided. Additionally, some providers offer a price protection plan, which allows you to lock in your propane rate for a set period. This means even if fuel prices rise, your cost remains stable.

How Will-Call Propane Delivery Works

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Will call propane delivery places the onus entirely on the customer, from monitoring fuel levels to scheduling deliveries. In this system, you are responsible for overseeing every aspect of your propane supply. It necessitates a clear understanding of how to interpret the percentage gauge on your propane tank and the commitment to check it regularly. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Will-Call Propane Delivery

Will call propane delivery offers the advantage of control, as you manage your propane supply and pay per delivery, potentially reducing upfront costs. However, it requires vigilance in monitoring levels to avoid running out and incurring fees. Moreover, scheduling deliveries can be tricky; companies might be unable to service will-call orders immediately, particularly during peak periods. Orders are typically filled on a first-call, first-served basis, so you might face significant delays in high-demand times. Additionally, you will require a separate service provider for heating system repairs or replacements unless you work with a full-service propane company.

Cost Considerations for Will-Call Propane Delivery

Will-call propane delivery can come with various potential fees, especially if tanks deplete before the scheduled delivery. Many companies, including emergency services, may charge additional fees for deliveries at night, during weekends, or on emergency weekdays. In cases where the tank runs completely empty, technicians might be required to conduct system checks, safety and pressure tests, line bleeds, or relight appliance pilots. Each of these services can incur extra costs, which cumulatively can significantly increase the overall expense of will-call propane delivery.

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Choosing the Right Propane Delivery Option for Your Needs

When deciding between automatic and will-call propane delivery, assessing your willingness and capacity to manage your propane supply is vital. Consider the implications of an emergency and how it would impact you and your household. Evaluate the criticality of propane in your home, especially if running out would significantly affect vulnerable residents like children or senior citizens. Reflect on your available time to regularly check the tank and your likelihood of remembering to do so. 

Key Considerations for Propane Delivery Options

For individuals who depend heavily on propane, opting for automatic deliveries ensures a worry-free experience, eliminating concerns about running out of fuel or facing unexpected high fees. This option is best suited for those with busy schedules filled with meetings and appointments, providing one less thing to manage. On the other hand, will-call deliveries are an excellent choice for those keen on avoiding extra service-related fees. This method suits individuals who diligently monitor their propane levels and are not significantly inconvenienced by a potential runout. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Propane Delivery

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  • How frequent are automatic deliveries? The regularity of automatic deliveries varies with each household, as it’s primarily based on your specific propane consumption rate. Different households have different usage patterns, hence the variation.
  • When should I call for more propane if I choose will-call delivery? If you opt for will-call delivery, requesting a refill when your tank reaches approximately 30% capacity is recommended. This ensures you have enough propane until the delivery is made.
  • How do I read my propane tank’s percentage gauge? To check your propane level, locate the round dial under the tank’s lid, which resembles a speedometer. This gauge indicates the propane level as a percentage. For instance, if the dial points to 30, it means your tank is 30% full.


Selecting the right propane delivery option for your home involves deciding between automatic deliveries and will-call service. Each has pros and cons, influenced by your needs and lifestyle. It’s essential to choose what seems most suitable for you, keeping in mind that you can switch methods later if your circumstances or preferences change. 

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